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Welcome to Neal & Julie's Travel Page

This page serves three basic purposes: first, to tell travelers coming to the Baltimore-Washington area some of the sights and activities available here, second, to tell all readers what places we've traveled to and something about those places, and third to supply some links to travel-related sites on the WWW.

This page is still under construction...

Sights in the Baltimore-Washington Area

Baltimore is a very good city for tourists, and Washington DC is unparalled. The list below gives descriptions and links for just a few of these cities' attractions.

The Smithsonian Institution
America's broadest research and educational organization, with several huge museums in downtown Washington. Their web site includes directions to the facilities.

Wolf Trap Farm Park
A fine center for performing arts and music of all kinds, and also just a nice place to go for a picnic. Home of the Wolf Trap Opera company. (We love going to concerts here.)

The White House
The official web site of the president's residence is a popular destination with netizens, just as the real edifice is a must-see for Washington tourists.

Places We've Been

Julie and I love to travel. Here are some of the places we've visited. Each link includes a scanned photo from that particular place (most pictures taken by Julie).

Great Britain
In the spring of 1998 we had a lovely trip to sunny England. It was so good that Julie kept a journal We went to London, Bath, Yorkshire, and elsewhere.
Read Julie's UK Travel Journal


The Grand Canyon
Words can't do justice to this immense natural wonder. We got there by flying to Las Vegas and then driving. One of the neatest ways to see the canyon is to ride a mule down to the canyon floor. These mule rides are managed by the National Park Service, and are quite popular, so be sure to register at least a year in advance.
[Neal at the canyon, JPG, 72K]

Mystic Seaport and Mystic Connecticut
This small town on the south shore of Connecticut has several nice tourist attractions. One is the famous Mystic Seaport, a fairly informative and entertaining simulacrum of a 18th-century whaling port. The other is the Mystic Aquarium, a small but well-appointed facility featuring lots of fish and a rare species of penguin.
[Neal at Mystic Seaport, JPG, 55K]

San Francisco, California
The beautiful city of San Francisco has lots of tourist attractions and nearby natural wonders. Everything is somewhat spread out, so you'll want a car to get around.
[Golden Gate Bridge, JPG, 42K]

Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto is a wonderful city for tourism, partly because it was the capital of Japan for over 900 years. To get there, fly to Osaka (not Tokyo) and take the Shinkansen.
[A Hillside in Kyoto, JPG, 40K]

New Mexico, USA
The southwestern state of New Mexico has a rich heritage and culture. The towns of Santa Fe, Albequerque, and Taos have lots of shopping and sights. The New Mexico landscape is wonderful. The pueblo indian village archeology sites are also very interesting.
[A Famous Church in Santa Fe, JPG, 58K]

Barcelona, Spain
This wonderful old Catalonia city was host to the 1992 Olympic Games. It has lots of tourist stuff to do, and also very good shopping. Public transport is very good, so don't rent a car. Trivia note: Barcelona is the biggest producer of cement and concrete in Spain, and one of the biggest in the world.
[Place d'Espana in east Barcelona, JPG, 54K]

Charlottesville, VA
This charming southern town has lots of sights for a weekend visitor. The coolest is probably Monticello, long-time home of our third President, Thomas Jefferson. The University of Virginia campus is really interesting, too. Ashlawn-Highland, former home of James Monroe, is also open for viewing.
monti[Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, JPG, 42K]

Charleston, SC
The seaside port of Charleston, South Carolina, is a fascinating southern city rich with history. The US Civil War started there, and the city also contains many beautiful old homes and churches.
For more information, visit the Charleston Multimedia Project.

Links to WWW Travel Resources

Listed below are some web sites that may be useful for planning trips or making travel arrangements.

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This page written by Julie and Neal Ziring, last modified 6/30/98.