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Welcome to Julie Ziring's Movie Page

I'm a big fan of movies: classics, dramas, comedies, foreign, mysteries, and all the other kinds, too. This page describes some of my favorites, and has links to some movie resources on the web.

This page is under construction!

Favorite Movies

Here are some of my favorite movies:

TITANIC - 1997
Superbly produced and directed film about the historic tragedy. Great special effects, too.
BABE - 1995
A charming movie about a young pig, some dogs, and a farmer. Winner of the 1995 Academy Award for best visual effects.
Bram Stoker's Dracula - 1992
Gary Oldman plays the title role in this visually rich retelling of Bram Stoker's classic.
Pulp Fiction - 1994
Quentin Tarrentino's gritty mosaic of a couple of days in the life of Vincent Vega and those around him.
Monty Python and the Holy Grail - 1974
Mere words cannot describe how funny this movie is. Considered by some to be the Monty Python troupe's finest film.
The Music Man - 1962
A touching story about a small town in Iowa, and visit there by "Music Man" Professor Hill. Features Ron Howard in one of his earliest roles.
Sense and Sensibility - 1995
Hilarious comedy about a bunch of women who lose their home and have to go and live in a cottage. Features cool scenery and excellent acting.
A Room with a View - 1986
A perfectly proper edwardian young lady finds love in Italy, and then has to go back home to her stuffy English fiance. She drops him for a local boy who likes to swim. This film features one of the few nude anglican minister swimming scenes in all of modern cinema.
Howards End - 1992
The convoluted story of how the Miss Schlegels and their brother come to live at the country house named "Howards End."
Poor Leonard Bast...
Cliffhanger - 1993
Sylvester Stallone plays an introspective mountain climber dogged by tragedy, and fighting for his life against desperate criminals. This movie features stunning scenery and some unbelievable climbing by Stallone.

More later...

Movie Resources on the WWW

Here are some links to some movie-related resources around the web.

LYCOS Movies & Videos
Lycos WWW index movies area.

Ken's "I Love Movies" Links
Nice collection of movie and theatre links by our friend Ken, who, despite being a big fan of The Parent Trap (1998), has collected some very useful stuff.

Movie Critic site
Super-cool movie rating and recommendation site. You need to sign up and rate movies before using it.

Interactive Movie Review Page
Register your opinion on the latest movies, and check out past reviews.

The Internet Movie Database
Formerly Cardiff's movie review database, the best movie review and information site on the web.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
The premier society in american film.

David Augsberger's "Cinema Sites"
A compendium of movie-related links.

The Warner Bros. Animation Site
Pictures and infomation about your favorite WB characters.

The Unofficial Monty Python Homepage
An excellent collection of everything Python.

The Digiplanet
An amazing site about creativity.

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This page written by Neal Ziring, last modified 1/6/98.