I am my own refuge and source of strength.
On whom may I rely if not myself?
A well-integrated and ordered self is
truly rare and precious fountain of strength.

By doing evil, I contaminate myself.
By not doing evil, I purify myself.
Purity and contamination come from within,
and others cannot purify my heart.

OATH (Seigan)

In our practice of Shorinji Kempo, we pledge to

Affirm our heritage
Be honest with our teachers
Respect those above us
Not disdain those below us
Help one another, and
Contribute to the way.

We pledge to set aside our personal preoccupations,
and apply ourselves with a beginner's mind to learn this art.

We pledge to use this art only to help people,
never to gain repute or profit.

CREED (Shinjo)

Mindful that our spirit comes from Dharma and our bodies from our parents, we we express our gratitude for these gift by applying ourselves to the fullest of our potential.

We express our love for our country by contributing to the welfare of our people.

We resolve to become men and women of courage who love justice, foster peace, respect humanity, and act with decorum.

We strive to improve the world by practicing the principles of Shorinji Kempo, strengthening ourselves mentally and physically, and joining together in mutual support, respect, and friendship.

This translation is the one crafted in the 1980s by the Ken Ohashi with assistance from other Shorinji Kempo instructors in the US.

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