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Pressure Point Diagrams

These diagrams were assembled by copying the pressure point diagrams given in official WSKO textbook. Students at the san-dan level and above are responsible for knowing the location and names of all the points shown below. Note that these diagram are meant only to serve as a reminder or memory aid -- the only way to learn the proper location and use of these points is from your instructor, at practice.

Note that all the images are pretty wide, to give adequate resolution and room for the label names. You might want to widen your browser window. Also, the diagrams are kinda large, and will take a while to download over a modem connection. Thank you for your patience.

Arms - Pressure Points on the Inside and Outside

Legs - Pressure Points on the Front and Back

Head - Pressure Points on Head and Face

Torso - Pressure Points on the Trunk

Torso - Pressure Points on the Back

Note that these diagrams cannot substitute for training with your instructor and practicing use of these pressure points with your fellow students! These pages are meant to help you memorize the names of the points, and their general location on the body.

These drawings were made using Corel Draw 5.

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This page written by Neal Ziring, last modified 3/13/97.