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Welcome to the M.C. Escher Annotated Gallery!

This page is barely started, and is still very much under construction.

This is a gallery of a few Escher drawings, lithographs, and woodcuts. There are two nice things about this gallery: first, the images live on various FTP servers around the U.S. and Europe, and second, each picture is accompanied by the date, media, and some commentary (usually by Escher himself) regarding that particular work. This gallery will eventually contain representative works from the following categories:

M.C. Escher preferred to work with indirect media. He rarely produced a finished work as a painting or drawing. Instead, he would produce one or more negative images by cutting them into wood or metal. Then, he would produce a small number of prints, and afterwards destroy the cuts from which the prints were made. Original prints of Escher works are highly prized.

Early Works

These works date from before 1937.

Graphic Works

Impossible Realities

Tiling the Plane

Later Works

These works date from after 1960.

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