Part II: (Not Just) A Little Bit of Soul: The Recordings


  1. John Dunlevy's magisterial discography is available at

The Albums and the Major EPs

  1. Big Top Halloween (Ultrasuede Records, 1988).
  2. Up In It (Sub Pop Records, 1990).
  3. Congregation (Sub Pop Records, 1991).
  4. Uptown Avondale (Sub Pop Records, 1992)
  5. Gentlemen (Elektra Records, 1993)
  6. What Jail is Like (the U.S. EP, to be distinguished from the various foreign and domestic singles of the song "What Jail is Like") (Elektra Records, 1994)
  7. Black Love (Elektra Records, 1996)
  8. 1965 (Columbia Records, 1998)

The Videos

  1. "You My Flower" (Up In It). Available on Twelve O'Clock High Vol. 2 [information needed]
  2. "Sister Brother" (Retarded EP). Directed by P. Harder. Available on Sub Pop Video Network [volume number needed]
  3. "Turn on the Water" (Congregation).
  4. "Conjure Me" (Congregation).
  5. "Milez iz Ded" (Congregation). Directed by (a) P. Harder; (b) G. Dulli; (c) E. Tretbar; (d) B. Phelps. Available on Sub Pop Video Network [volume number needed]
  6. "Come See About Me" (Uptown Avondale). Directed by P. Harder/G. Dulli. Somebody of the Ass Ponys can be seen in the video as one of the strip club customers. Available on Sub Pop Video Network [number needed].
  7. "Debonair" (Gentlemen), directed by Greg Dulli.
  8. "Gentlemen" (Gentlemen), directed by Rocky Schenck.
  9. "Can't Get Enough of Your Love Babe" (Beautiful Girls soundtrack), directed by Ted Demme.
  10. "Honky's Ladder" (Black Love), directed by Samuel Bayer.
  11. "Going to Town" (Black Love), directed by Ted Demme.
  12. "Something Hot" (1965), directed by Banks Tarver.
  13. The Backbeat Band (Backbeat soundtrack) (cf sect. 4): "Money," directed by Nick Egan, and (possibly just in Europe) "Please Mr. Postman."


Songs the Whigs have covered. [List under development.]

Artists who have covered the Whigs

  1. The Ass Ponys, "You My Flower." Originally appeared on an Afghan Whigs/Ass Ponys split single (on which the Whigs cover the Ponys' "Mr. Superlove.") This recording was also the b-side to the Ass Ponys' single "Little Bastard."
  2. S*M*A*S*H, "Turn on the Water." Can only be found on their 1994 Sub Pop Singles Club single (SP276).

Participation in tribute albums

  1. Big Star: the Whigs recorded the song "Night Time." The album is scheduled to be released on Ignition Records some time during but there is no release date yet.
  2. John Lennon: the Whigs recorded the song "Woman," but there is no news as to when or whether this tribute album will be released.
  3. The Clash: the Whigs have recorded "Lost in the Supermarket" [need more information on this compilation].


The only known band statement on the subject is that they do not like unauthorized people making money off of their work.
  1. The known commercial titles:
  2. Various noncommercial audio and video tapes are known to be floating around. Parties interesting in obtaining copies of these might want to check the listserv CONGREGATION or the Usenet group

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