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Introduction to the Utilities [Top]

This documentation provides some overview information on a number of utilities. All programs described herein were written by Bruce Guthrie. Most are distributed with a Wayne Software copyright. Others were written for the U.S. Department of Commerce.

These programs are written and compiled in DOS, not Windows. They should work fine under Windows but forget handling things like long file names under Win95, Win98, WinME, Win2000, and WinNT.

All programs are free for use provided relevant documentation is kept with the programs, no changes are made to the programs or documentation, and they are not bundled with commercial programs or charged for separately.

CHANGE, CONVERT, FILUPDAT, READ, and READY are excluded from the commercial-packaging restriction. These programs are owned by the U.S. Department of Commerce and may be re-distributed without restriction.

People who need to bundle AV, BFIND, COPSINCE, DATES, DIRCOMP, DIRTOTAL, EUMAIL, FILL, FIXTEXT, FORTUNE, HTMSTRIP, PAGINATE, READINIT, or TXTABLE in commercial packages other than shareware/freeware collections must pay a $50 registration fee to "Bruce Guthrie" at the following address. READMAKE-created files are also subject to this limitation. I don't expect to make any money from these utilities but I don't want others to sell them instead. Shareware-distribution groups that charge more than $7 for a diskette or $20 for a CD-ROM are, as far as I'm concerned, making excessive profits from these programs--their actual costs are way below this--and probably keeping people from registering the other shareware on the disk; I do not want these types of places distributing my programs.

Download the current versions [Top]

Program Name
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Program Description
AV__0208.ZIP (the ZIP is about 140,000 bytes) AV: Archive directory viewer. Presents list of files in archive (ZIP, ARC, etc) and lets you sort as desired. Also allows resetting of the file date based on the archive's contents.
BFND0208.ZIP (the ZIP is about 80,000 bytes) BFIND: Allows Boolean-type FIND requests. For example, find any line with one string AND another one, or any line with one string OR another. Also allows wildcarded input file names.
CHAN0208.ZIP (the ZIP is about 100,000 bytes) CHANGE: Processes change commands in files. Files can be of any size and type (e.g. binary or text) and are processed quickly. Up to thirty change commands can be processed in a single pass. Also provides ability to remove trailing spaces from text files.
CONV0208.ZIP (the ZIP is about 110,000 bytes) CONVERT: Converts between data formats: FROM dBase, ASCII-delimited (typically commas between fields and quotes around strings), and fixed field TO Lotus WKS, ASCII-delimited, dBase, and fixed field.
COPS0208.ZIP (the ZIP is about 80,000 bytes) COPSINCE: Copies all files modified since a given date. Primarily used for making sure you have a back-up of files and also to copy updated programs to another place. Lets you define your own groupings of files if desired.
DATE0208.ZIP (the ZIP is about 90,000 bytes) DATES: Program that warns you in advance when an event like a birthday, anniversary, or holiday is coming up. The idea is to give you advance warning so you can send a card or get out of town in time.
DIRC0208.ZIP (the ZIP is about 140,000 bytes) DIRCOMP: Similar in some ways to DOS's REPLACE command but adds ability to delete extra files in the destination subdirectory, copy hidden and system files, and prepare a report showing inconsistencies. Is frequently used by network administrators to update workstation files.
DIRT0208.ZIP (the ZIP is about 150,000 bytes) DIRTOTAL: Prepares report showing files in subdirectory or drive. Allows restricting search based on date, size, attributes, etc. Works on networked and CD-ROM drives. Produces more formalized report than some utilities do. Also allows you to look for duplicate file names.
EUML0208.ZIP (the ZIP is about 150,000 bytes) EUMAIL: Eudora mail summarizer. Dumps your Qualcomm Eudora mailbook as well as summarizing the contents of all of your Eudora boxes and folders. Since this program was designed a long time ago, it may not support the current version of Eudora's mail boxes.
FILL02080.ZIP (the ZIP is about 100,000 bytes) FILL: Program designed to move files off to floppy diskettes, taking the biggest files first and skipping those that won't fit. Also works fine for transfers to/from DOS-compatible networks, removable drives, etc. Also supports splitting large files, creating a status report, and other features.
FILU0208.ZIP (the ZIP is about 80,000 bytes) FILUPDAT: Program which compares a selected list of files in a source path against those in another path and copies those that have been updated. Similar to DOS' REPLACE command but works from a stored list of files (controlled updates) and can handle any number of directories.
FIXT0208.ZIP (the ZIP is about 80,000 bytes) FIXTEXT: Program which applies a user-definable character-translation table to a text file. Can allow you to convert graphics characters to their text equivalents, lowercase letters to uppercase letter, etc. Can also be used to translate DOS text files to Mac or Unix text files and vice versa. Can also expand tabs, remove trailing spaces, and remove backspaces.
FORT0208.ZIP (the ZIP is about 90,000 bytes) FORTUNE: A tuner-upper for the DOS FOR command. Generates a batch file which does all those wildcard things you wished FOR could do (like "FORTUNE IN (*.BAS) DO RENAME %A %2*.*" to remove parts of file names). Lets you do all sorts of things including distinguishing file name roots from their extensions as well as incrementing file names by specified values.
HTMS0208.ZIP (the ZIP is about 130,000 bytes) HTMSTRIP: Processes and removes embedded HTML commands from Web pages downloaded from the Web. Reflows paragraphs, processes tables, etc as straight ASCII text. Can function on individually-saved pages or else process your entire disk cache. Ideal tool for resending via e-mail or dozens of different uses. Awarded a "Best" rating by "PC Computing" in their July 1996 issue.
PAGN0208.ZIP (the ZIP is about 180,000 bytes) PAGINATE: Reformats text files with embedded formatting codes. Handles things like titles, footers, indexes, alignment, justification, multicolumn listings, etc. Also provides support for embedding tabular data in ASCII-delimited or dBase formats which can be embedded and/or sorted in your reports.
READ0208.ZIP (the ZIP is about 350,000 bytes) READ, READY, READINIT, and READMAKE: Text file browsing utilities. READ--Supports marking, copying text, reading Unix and Mac text files, etc. Handles files of 16,000 lines or less (approx 800,000 bytes). READY--truncates or wraps lines over 255 characters in length but handles files of an unlimited number of lines. READMAKE--Takes an ASCII-text file and makes it self-viewable (using a READ clone).
TXTB0208.ZIP (the ZIP is about 90,000 bytes) TXTABLE: Program to generate text tables. Allows inputs to be HTML-based as well as one-record per cell.

Revision history [Top]

Release 0208 (August 2002):

Very long time between releases. Some things have been updated in the interim but they were few and far between.
CONVERT: Fixed a problem with one example ("CONVERT MYFILE.PRN /FROM ASCII /TO FIXED /DELIMS=,,, /-INDEF /OUTDEF") which wasn't creating the INDEF file as it should.
DATES: Fixed a problem with recurring weekday events (started failing in 2000).
HTMSTRIP: Fixed a problem where <SCRIPT>..</SCRIPT> blocks containing less-than ("<") symbols were prematurely terminated, thus ignoring all actual text which came afterward. (The </SCRIPT> block which typically follows was in fact ignored as extraneous by the program.) Added support for /CENTER and /-CENTER.
PAGINATE: Fixed an error with #INDEX which didn't work if #MULTICOL hadn't been specified beforehand.
TXTABLE: Fixed numeric cell alignment problem.

Release 0103 (March 2001):

All programs: There was an incredibly long delay in posting updates because I couldn't access my GeoCities account. I forgot the password for my account and they had an old e-mail address for it; I requested a new password and they did so but they notified the old address so I couldn't get in at all. They do a great job with automated services but it's virtually impossible to get in touch with them non-virtually when you have a problem. Then again, of course, they are free so I shouldn't be surprised. After over a year, I started losing files on GeoCities (they probably needed me to log on to renew them) so I finally gave up completely on them and moved everything to Erols.
All programs: Minor changes to show four-digit years for the revision date. Lots of things like renaming of ZIP files had to be done. There were virtually no Y2K questions about the programs so it looks like that was coded correctly.
AV: Fixed a bug with the /DATE option in interactive mode.
CHANGE: Fixed a bug with using /TO NULL in combination with column specifications. This however caused memory problems when it came to recompiling the program (good old DOS) so I had to drop something to fix this problem. As a result, /MONO and /COLOR were dropped. /MONO is now the default.
CONVERT: Changed the program so if you explicitly specify a /FROM parameter, the routine will no longer second-guess you on what the format actually was. This is the same as the /-VER option. In general, the verification subroutines worked well but if you had an ASCII-delimited file which started with a numeric field, it usually thought you *really* had a fixed-length field file. For dBase files, I fixed a problem with the /LASTOBS=n specification and sped up processing of the /FIRSTOBS=n specification.
DATES: Added a pause after the error message for some errors that may show up.
DIRCOMP: Reworded the newer/older status messages since they were wrong.
FORTUNE: Fixed another problem when you used "DO" instead of "/DO".
PAGINATE: Fixed a problem that prevented summations from working when sorting wasn't in effect.
READ: Fixed a problem with viewing one-line files that didn't end with a EOL character.

Release 911 (November 1999):

DATES: The program used to require all three color parameters to be specified if you wanted to override any of them. The error checking on this was weak if you passed in the "/COLOR=nnn nnn nnn" settings. Changed it so that the second and third parameters were optional and improved the error checking.
DATES, DIRCOMP, READ, and READY: It was pointed out that blinking characters (which I've always hated anyway) only work under Windows if the DOS box is full screen. Documentation has been modified accordingly.
DIRTOTAL: I changed the default to /A (use ASCII text characters for the directory tree) since the graphic characters are not directly supported by most users' printers. I also got rid of that CHR$(255) in the tree which looked like hell under Windows.
FORTUNE: Fixed a bug with @filespec requests.
HTMSTRIP: The program was failing on alignments when they had quotes around them, so ALIGN="CENTER" wasn't being processed. Fixed this.

Contact information [Top]


                Bruce Guthrie
                Wayne Software
                113 Sheffield St.
                Silver Spring, MD 20910

                fax: (301) 588-8986
For the following routines: CHANGE, CONVERT, FILUPDAT, READ, and READY:
                Bruce Guthrie
                Room H-4885
                U.S. Dept of Commerce/ESA/STAT-USA
                Washington, DC 20230

                fax: (202) 482-2164
                voice: (202) 482-3234
Please provide an Internet e-mail address on all correspondence.

Since these programs are typically "freeware" (with the exception of people trying to make money from them instead of me), they generate maybe $100/year in revenue for me. As such, my ability to afford wonderful customer support is somewhat restricted. Please do not leave messages saying "Call me long distance". Also, please be specific about what problems you encounter and include command-line inputs as well as any control or INI files that you're using.

WinXX NOTICE: As with most DOS-based utilities, this program doesn't understand the weird subdirectories, long filenames, invalid characters that are possible under Windows. This is not a bug. It's just the way DOS applications work. For compatibility reasons, most versions of Windows maintain a short filename for each file (in WinNT, you can probably say "DIR /X" in DOS to find them). The short filenames are the ones with "~" characters in them (like "MYFILE~1.TXT"). The short filenames are what these utilities will process.

STANDARD LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Wayne Software disclaims all warranties as to this software, whether express or implied, including without limitation any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, functionality, data integrity or protection.

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