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What is a Literary Agent?

A literary agent represents an author in their dealings with book publishers. It is the agentís job to get a manuscript read and sought after by influential editors at publishing houses. A literary agent acts on behalf of the author to find a publisher for a written or proposed manuscript and who handles the subsequent subsidiary rights not acquired by the publisher; sometimes called an author's agent or author's representative. A literary agent also acts on behalf of publishers to find special types of manuscripts by authors. Literary agents represent authors and illustrators for a percentage of their clients' profit. Literary agents typically claim 10%-20% of advances and royalties, and are generally savvy with contract negotiations and have market knowledge and contacts that most authors do not. Some literary agents charge reading fees to review a prospective client's manuscript, but we advise against using these types of literary agents because often they are money making scams with no intention of publishing the author.


Literary Agency Websites

Gerard Jones (Author of Ginny Good)
Gail Ross
IMG World
Creative Word Literary Agency
Bill Adler
Kneerim & Williams at Fish & Richardson
Michael Larsen
Jenny Bent
Literary and Creative Artists
Ted Weinstein
Mahesh Grossman (Provides a free list of more than 400 literary agents)
Ethan Ellenberg
Curiosity Publishing Group
Richard Curtis Associates
Margret McBride
Martin Literary Management
Levine and Greenberg
Graybill and English
Michelle Tessler
William Clark
Talcott Notch Literary
The William Morris Agency
International Creative Management, Inc.
Theresa Park
Andrea Pedolsky


Langtons International Agency

Wolcott Literary Agency

The Fielding Agency

National Writers Literary Agency

NY Creative Management


International Literary Arts

Williams Agency

The Wilson Devereux Company


Wylie Merrick Literary

Creative Word Literary Agency

Ned Leavitt Agency


Artists and Artisans


Jolly Rich Bird

Euro Literary Agency

Stone Bench Associates


Litwest Group


Thoth Literary Agency

Literary Luminaries

Aruntx Publishing Company


Team Double Click

Wetmore Word Works

AEI (World Wide)


AML (France)


Specialty Book Marketing


AP Watt (UK)


Aaland Agency


Literary Productions


Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency


ABS Literary Agency




Manus and Associates


Adams Literary Agency


Harris, Harris and Donahue


Alexis Starr


Monteiro Rose Agency


Robert Shepard


Strachan Literary Agency


Altair Literary Agency


Hornfischer Literary Management


Ana Hayes


Debra Fishpaw Agency


Fenton Entertainment Group


Easely Literary Agency


SE Literary Properties


Altair-Australia Literary Agency


Bookends Agency


Harris Literary Agency