IPMG Film Needs


IPMG Film Needs

Published books that scream big screen. Need we say more? The LA office has just branched out and is looking for work to option and possibly co-produce. No screenplays at this time. 


In the meantime, while you are finding that perfect agent, check out another way to challenge your filmmaking creativity, check out Extreme Filmmaker (48 Hour Film Festival).



Who are these guys, anyway?


Mark Kochinski, Keith Matz, and John Parenteau founded the 48 Hour Film Festival. They are industry professionals who decided to produce their own work.



What's the point of this festival?


The point is to make films! How many times have you said, "I would love to be a filmmaker, but I can never get started!" Well, here's your chance. Whether you want to pursue a career or just have some fun, the 48 Hour Film Festival is a great way to get started.



Click Extreme Filmmaker (48 Hour Film Festival) for more information . . .



Hardware for Indy Filmmaking


Screen Writing Software/CD


Screenwriting Video/DVD


Screenwriting Book


PANASONIC AG-DVX100 Professional MiniDV Camcorder


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Movie Magic Screenwriter by Write Brothers


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Syd Field's Screenwriting Workshop


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Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting by Syd Field


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