Student made games

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Created on January 4, 2001

Grade 8 Period 4 Scroll down for more!

Samantha & Ramsey

Bobby A. & Lee

Christina C. & Kim


Cynthia & Jen


Joe I. & Steve & Justin


Tracy & Stacie

Walter did 2

Tyler, José R. & Jeff

Amy & Alison

Kara & Christina R.

Ben, is this yours?

Chris S. & Lindsey


Grade 8 Period 5

Grade 8 Period 6

Josh A.

Kelly A.

Emilee B. & Heather M. & Ashley F.

Jessie B.

Melisa B (second game)

Clayton C.

Julia B (second game)

Chad E. & Luke H.

Jenna H. & Emily S.

La familia , la clase

Jennifer G. & Caitlin K.

Dexter I. & Chris K.

Alex H.

Austin J. & Danny J.

Brent H.

Jessica K. & Anna Y.

Dan L.

Angela M. & Maria W. (second game)

Jessica Anne L.

Jessica R. & Britney T. (second game)

Emily M.

Julie S. (second game)

Serena N.

Josh W. T. & Alan T.

Dennis P.


Kate P. (second game)


Sergio R.


Lianna S. & Tia T.


Paul S.


Jeremy S. (second game)


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