Lesson Plan 
by Toni Parry 
Language: Spanish 
Level: I, English version 
Grade Level: 7 

       To learn about the Peruvian Culture.

       Computer with access to the World Wide Web 
       Student worksheet 
       Pen or pencil 
       Blank sheet of paper for drawing (or computer paint/draw program)


1. Give students 2 minutes to list everything that they know about Peru. 

2. Have students share what they have listed in groups of 2-3. 

3. Have students create their own version of a Nazca line. 

4. Distribute the worksheet and allow students to work at the computer. 

5. Students go to Eplay site to answer questions about Peru.

Extension: Choose one of the following:

1. Use Spanish words for parts of speech in Bug Libs (like Mad Libs).

2. Practice vocabulary in Quia

3. Use the Eplay site and create a student activity such as this.

Student worksheet is available to print out.