La Navidad Internet Lesson
    You have been hired by a wealthy client who wants to learn how Hispanics celebrate the holiday season. He/She wants to take a vacation to learn.
   Find places with the most interesting and fun events so your client  will purchase the package from you and not your rival company.
    You must research the events below to find what each is, its date, and country  of origin. Write your results on the chart provided. Mañana, you will write a recommendation!

La Gritería
Las Posadas
Las Hogueras
La Noche de Rábanos (Click to see the fantastic creations photo too!)
... The next two are at the same site.
La Noche Buena y La Misa de Gallo
El Nacimiento
Los Santos Inocentes
La Noche Vieja
Los Reyes Magos en México

If your teacher didn't give you a chart, click here to get one to record your findings!

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