Did you ever wonder how to make those different
characters in the Spanish language?
Here's how!

This graphic was created by James Wiske of Salsa Verde Graphics

Macintosh Comptuers:
To make the upside down exclamation mark (¡) at the beginning of a sentence, press the option key, hold it, then press the exclamation key.  Release both.
To make the upside-down question mark (¿) at the beginning of a sentence, press shift and option simultaneously, then the question mark.  Then release both.
To make an ñ, press option, while holding it, press the n, release and press n.
To place an accent mark over a vowel, press option, hold it then press e, release then press the vowel you want.
Por ejemplo: é á í ó ú

On PCs:
Hold down the right "ALT" key.  Let it go. Press the letter or character.
Por ejemplo: If you want an é, press right "ALT", release it, then press the "e" on the keyboard.

When using the internet or email, use this technique:
(Use the numbers on the keypad to the right.)
alt + 160= á
alt + 130= é
alt + 144= É
alt + 161= í
alt + 162= ó                                    (Spanish quotation marks)
alt + 163= ú                                            alt + 174= «
alt + 164= ñ                                            alt + 175= »
alt + 165= Ñ
alt + 168= ¿
alt + 173= ¡

Here's a link to a more comprehensive list!

We hope this is helpful!

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