Quality Training and Technical Assistance from WCMA, Inc.
WCMA provides quality training and technical assistance services to public and private sector, non-profit, Native American organizations and tribes.

Specifically we offer training and consultations in:

grant writing and management
organizational development
operational planning and analysis
economic development
program planning and evaluations

personnel planning
total quality management
health program planning and development
board and staff policy development
social services planning and program development.

About Our Clients
WCMA clients include a wide spectrum of organizations including:

federal and state government agencies

nursing homes
law firms
Fortune 500 companies

American Indian Tribes and tribal organizations
non-profit organizations

About WCMA, Inc.
WCMA was founded in 1979 by Ted Knight. Since then it has enjoyed a good reputation for helping clients improve their operations, management, productivity and planning.

Additionally, WCMA has assisted many non-profit organizations, especially in the Native American community, with their fundraising activities.

WCMA personnel are always interested in discovering new exciting and challenging assignments. Our prices are reasonable and fully negotiable.

If you would like to learn how WCMA resources can be brought to work on your problem, just fill out the form below and WCMA will contact you for more information:

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