The Networthy Netmakers
The Networthy Web Site is the brain child of Susie Hurley and Ted Knight. So who are these insightful, ingenious, progressive people?

Susie was a successful psychotherapist who decided she could reach more people by sharing lessons she learned in her practice in her books about the issues of family growth, development and child care.

She is also the author of the very popular series, 31 Ways, which provides daily insights and ideas for families to cope with everyday issues in their lives.

Ted is a management consultant. His firm, WCMA, Inc., holds seminars and training programs to help clients solve their own problems. He has worked extensively with the Native American community. He also helps non-profit organizations with their many various fundraising activities.

Ted is the author of a wide variety of books to help people solve personal and business problems.

In 1992, Susie and Ted realized their common interests and joined forces to introduce people to services and products to make their lives more fun.

Recently, they decided to take the plunge and become NETWORTHY!

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