Welcome to Microsoft's Internet Explorer!

With the introduction of this new breed of web browser for the 16-bit operating system comes a new way to send and receive your email: Internet Mail!

As you might expect from Microsoft, Internet Mail is loaded with tons of features to make your use of email easier and more enjoyable. Not only is it a fast and efficient way to handle sending and receiving email, but it is extremely user friendly as well!

Some of Microsoft's Internet Mail features include:

  • The ability to display your email in a separate window. Simply double click on the message you want to read, and it opens up in its own window.

  • Microsoft's Inbox Assistant. This powerful tool allows you to sort messages into different folders that you create as they are delivered, keeping your email organized and efficient.

  • Support for multiple users. Yes, Internet Mail allows more than one person to use the same computer, giving each user their own mailbox. This is invaluable if you share your computer with others, or if you have multiple mail accounts you need to manage.

  • The ability to send large messages or files easily. Internet Mail will let you type messages that contain approximately 5000 words, and send attachments that are equivalent in size, with no hassles at all.

  • Much, much more!

As you can see, Internet Mail is a superior mail reader. We here at Erol's Internet know you will enjoy using it. We also realize, though, that a few of our users may already be using and are comfortable with other mail readers, or may use their email software for larger, more inclusive documents. Since Internet Mail is actually a separate program from the web browser, you can use whatever email program you like! We even include the popular Eudora Lite from Qualcomm on the CD Rom for your convenience. You should understand, however, that because there are so many mail programs available, that our technical staff does not provide support for Eudora Lite or other non-Erol's mail software.

Thank you for choosing Erol's Internet as your service provider! Enjoy!