Forward Converter Linear Model
Linear Schematic
This schematic represents the closed loop Current Mode Forward Converter circuit using linear program components. The pulse width modulator stage is replaced by E MOD a voltage dependant voltage source. The current sense is provided by H IDC, a current controlled voltage source. The numbers in the squares are the node numbers.

The VDC voltage source is the reference for the DC solution; The VAC source is for the Gain solution.

(Schematc capture is not part of the program)
DC Solution
The DC mode computes the steady state node and component voltages. For the DC solution, the VDC source is set to 20 Volts and the VAC source is zero. The first view shows the node voltages and the second the component voltages.
Gain and Phase Solution
The Gain DB mode produces a gain and phase (Bode) plot. For the Gain DB mode, the VDC source is set to zero and the VAC source is set to 1 Volt. The Phase Option is set for Invert to diplay the phase as lead/lag.