Some technical notes about these web pages

These pages were coded by hand, using the Notepad utility in Windows for Workgroups...which means that there are probably a few spelling and html coding mistakes here and there. I normally check my HTML in both Netscape and Internet Explorer, and run the pages through a validator - but these pages are not being done as work. And it's too much dang trouble to validate pages for me to consider it a good use of my leisure time!

In any case, when I have time, I plan to scan in additional photos and generally revise the pages. So, if you see any links that do not work or other problems with the pages, please email me about them.

Oh, and if you're wondering why there are no mailto links for email from these pages, it's because of spam. Internet advertisers who wish to send unsolicited commercial email (a/k/a 'spam') have been using webcrawler software to comb the world wide web for email addresses. I have mailto links on the pages I create for work, and I get more spam than legitimate messages from those links. So I've used a gif image of my email address at the end of most of these pages. I'll see how that works out as a de facto spam filter.

Enjoy the site,

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