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Sept 08th, 2002:
To people that still looking this website.. I have moved long long time ago and my new link is at :) have fun... you got a lot to catch up... ^^


May 31th, 2002: about... 0018
Today sux.. pretty much nothing got done.. I've broke my own score on that running mechine at the gym though... (4.5 miles in 30 mins) I guess I was kinda full of energy today... To bad though, I didn't put it too much use (well.. other than good work out). Still waitting for some people to call me, but she didn't call or even e-mail me back yet.. >:( anyway... I think I will hits the bed early today.. told my friend that I will help him with his car early tomorrow morning.. nite nite all..

Soravis... Signing off
Ps... Yeah... cause of the business today, I havn't have a chance to upgrade the unfinish part of this website.. later later... lol

May 29th, 2002:
Day 2 of my Summer school.. been fun.. got to meet some new people :) that always good right.. =] Finishing up the Main Menu part of the website.. still have a lot of sub menu to play with... I added a bunch of Links my way to the Links section hope you all like em.. however... I will try to finish the rest of the website by weekend. =]

Soravis... For now

May 28th, 2002: 0034
Part of the new Layout is up...(if you still viewing my website to Erols, please go to please update your link to I still got a bunch of Menues to go though.. also all the links and codes to fix.. my summer classes start today. lol...I don't know weather I should be smiling or crying.. anyway.. I got to say sorry up front to all the links to the web ring and all the family website that I currently joined. I will put all the links in the link section by the clock hit midnight tomorrow... promised :) Additionally, Coley don't feel down.. it is not the end of the world.. and if I am talking too much, tell me to shut up... I won't get mad.. =D

Soravis.... I am so tried...and stink.. shower.. here I come

May 26th, 2002: 0034
I am trying to push out the new layout... hopfully it come out well... I have showed the phototype to a couple people, some say ya.. and some say nay... so may be I am still thinking about changing it... a lot of people do like the current style because it cleanner.. so.. I might use the semilar color with a new design... something to think about.... tomorrow I am going to kingsdominion with my family... boys that going to be fun... fun.. fun.. hehe :)


May 23th, 2002: 0034
well.. I guess lifes should go on... anyway.. i don't want to talk about myself today... My dad just got a PHD today from U of MD =] congrat dad. you are always my number dad :) well who else would be =D Thank you for Sunshine to cheer me up tonight.. I truly feel better :) other than that..... today sux... I was pretty much lies in my despair... anyway...

Soravis out

May 22th, 2002: 1251
I am so sick of playing life game... one example of life game, one of my friend told me that even if you are married you still have to do all the good deeds and also make sure you did not do a single bad one... just to make sure that he going to get some that night. I think part of that is bullshit.. don't get me wrong, I do like to take care of women and buy them gift or what not, but I don't like the idea that lent to make me think that is something I MUST do... Lately I got a feeling that my emotion is going haywire lately and pretty much ready to explore if it wasn't handle the right way. and then... since nobody really care how I feel, I think I am going to escape for a while... maybe then I will tell you guy the conclusion of this story. if you do care, drop me a line.

Soravis out

Ps.. some people will think this come out from no where, but it been pretty much eatting me alife for sometime now, I am a type of people that I don't like to show my emotion, if I do it usually a short one. (this is something that I kept to myself for a couple of weeks now)
no usually mean no... get a clue and move on (my new prospective)

May 20th, 2002: 0100
I just got home from movie and dinner with a couple of friends of mine... the most amazing thing happend... we saw a guy with a 360-Spider... (that... was an awesome machine) yeah.. pretty much after doing about 70 somthing that guy just flew right by me.. lol... here the picture of that car if you guy don't know what I am talking about. link

Soravis Still Excited....=>

May 18th, 2002: Early Dawn...
*yawn* I just got home from seeing StarWars Episode II. OH MY GOD, that was good movie. thumbs up to George Lucas, and to the person who got me the ticket =D also note that the spark have changed their website to this one =] I am tried so... I must go to sleep.. if you like Lord of the Ring, you will love this Star Wars. However, you have to see EpisodeI to know what is what. A plus, if you already see all the first 3 =]

Soravis Sleepy....

May 17th, 2002: later...
I upgraded my tag board!! now it's auto refresh and we can play with smiles =D Here a link for smilies. *giggle*

Soravis Out.. for now

May 17th, 2002:
Something Something ... hehe :) got back from NewYork yesterday, was sorta tried so I didn't writting any blog.. its all good though because I have come up with a lot of new layout idea in my head =D About the Ny trip you ask? it was sux.. I didn' have to do anything.. (note to self: next time get a motel) seriouslly, I didn't even got a chance to go to 5th adv. :( I missed that Sony store and that Huge Disney store... *sigh* the memory... oh and my car just cost me another 300 bucks!!! dang waterpump broke again.. I want a new car... somebody buy me a new one... =D

Soravis signing off
for people who didn't know, i also known by Sam and Toey :)

May 14th, 2002:
*yawn.....* been trying to get myself busy during the break. other than come up with the new layout, I am trying to pack to go to Ny tomorrow =D Ya.. there are 2 layout in the work. Hopfully, I can get them out and show you guys some other time. oh that remind me I got the copy of what my final project from the art class look like hehe :) I will post that some other time too.. :) maybe when I get back from new york.. right now I am somewhat sleepy... and got to get up like 4am in the morning... *yawn*

Till Then.....
Soravis Out..

May 12th, 2002:
The finals are over, I really need to find something to do. god... even writting this things seem boring now. someone give me an idea..


May 10th, 2002: prematch:
I am now here in the school computer lab getting ready for exam at 2pm!!!... so.. busy in here. at least it better than the library... I can at least do my homework or whatever here. and then complain complain whine whine whine.. hehe :)

Soravis out

May 9th, 2002: aftermatch:
well.. i finally finished everything and i was actually on time (for once) to take the test today.... boy... I don't want to go to that again... end up about 200 pages of HTML code and about 14 to 15 pages of pure essays.. I think I have killed my printer. now getting ready for tomorrow... computer graphic test.. that going to be fun. she going to give us a picture well.. more like a cartoon picture for us to change it to look the way that she want us to make it look. Yep.. that it for the final.. imagin that afterward, I hope I am going out with a couple friends to get it all off!!!


Ps.. 4 gone!!! 1 left to go!!!

May 9th, 2002:
I have to get up crack of dawn trying to finish my 10 pages paper :( which is sux.. and I don't know what going on with nicole, she been pretty much ignoring me all of the sudden. I guess everyone is busy... In additional, other than that 10 pages paper, I still have exam and portfolio to do... *sigh*


May 8th, 2002:
Kmart got to stop giving out free driver license!!!, 3 people pissed me off today.. people just can't fucking drive. One DUDE was trying to cut me off at the stop sign by getting on the the other lane about half a mile before he have to turn.. OMFG and I think he's a teacher at the college. F him anyway, I flick him off and honk!! Oh I just know that I am worth at least $2,317,890 =D top that!! at least that something to make me feel happy about today. I still have ton of projects to do.. *scream and pulling my hair out* I hate final week... I hate I hate I hate...


Ps. I need help with a new layout :( somebody give me an idea.. Please...

May 6th, 2002:

OMG!! I have to either be studying or writting paper but I got this sux ass headache... at least I think i did well on those test today, hopefully I can do the same tomorrow. well.. hell with it, I am going to sleep, anybody got a problem with it, call me. lol

Soravis ta ta :P
Ps. I just saw a bunch of dags and cats need a good home. If you have some space in your home or department go for it :) ,list of available pets can be found here DC Humane
Pps.. OMG!!! can you belived some people already waitting to see the opening of STARWAR!!!! I am sorry, but this is unreal and those people need to get a life. and there are nothing wrong with see it a week also later. I still havn't have a chance to see Spiderman yet :( SOMEBODY TAKE ME!!!!!!!. hehe

May 5th, 2002:

For some reason I am up at crack of Dawn... I guess it was the beer last night. everytime I drink, I got up early... it just weird that way =/ that cool though because it seem to be the first time I was at the gym before it even OPEN!! lol I ran a couple of miles and now back sitting at home looking at the computer... Hello my puter... lol... I think I am going nutz..

Soravis out

May 4th, 2002:

Well, my cable modem went out in the morning..... gee... and I have to finish my projects!!!.. End up have to get to school like 3 hours early and TRIED to finish a bunch of drawings and printing before class... that was sux.. should have done it like a couple days before, but ya know.. doing that I would missed the excitment of crunching to finish the projects in time... lol anyway... seem like today gone ok at the end.. went out a little with a couple of friends to night.. no biggie.. to tell the truth being single do sux for me..

Soravis out

May 3rd, 2002:

Tons of crap still need to be done for tomorrow...Geee.. Extra note people need to claim the Fu@k down on the uo board, or I will quit. I don't think they would care about it much, but oh well.. I need a better life outside of uo. I got to do my presentation today, I think it went pretty well.. however I was suppose to have a theme for it.. hum... how about What have I been learning... that it!! anyway... here link of my project CA273 other that.. I ONCE again lost my gas cap, forgot to put it back on and just left the gas station.. don't laught... :( well I am out for tonight..

Soravis out

May 2nd, 2002:

I think this is the first time I writing this thing two day in a row. Nothing really going on today just got a ton of stuffs from my mom =D and pretty much study for my wicked final projects and exam... Statement:: I hate school... hate exam... I want this to be over as soon as possible...So...I am biting a bullet and hope I get pass this as soon as I can :( I really really want to scream!!!!!! ARRRRRRRR.

I very like this line "take it easy, you won't get out alive anyway" (that life for ya)
;) soravis out
Ps. today Nicole show me one of her sister website... I think the way the owner setup her bios is really funny.. and she's only 15!!! =D IdiotBox
I hope the owner don't mind me post her link on the public website like this hehe :)

Pps. I am registering and planing to move this site over there =D any comment about it, throw it in the tag board. ;) Currently this website are on the public search engine like Yahoo, Google, MSN, and blah blah blah... Because of some copyright stuffs, I also took the search meta off too :P I am also starting to like Visual Filter and CSS2. The more I read about it, the more I like it... I have read about 5 computer books so far this week... I am going nut..
here are some e.g. of vistual filter... I think it only work on IE though.. so sux for you NS.. :

May 1st, 2002:

finished one of my presentation for CA275 yesterday.. oh wow.. I was like... errr.. nervous... Anyway.. it was end up shorter than I want it to be.. I forgot half of the stuffs that I was prep., oh well => I got to go pick up my mom today around 10 =] and then if I have sometime i will need to work with 2 more projects before the end of the week... ackers... ackers indeed...

Soravis out for today..
ps. check out this gal website, It's very cool. =D Nicole

April 26th, 2002:
Final is coming.. acker.. for me :( all I can do all day now is study, study and study...
I am working on my owned cgi version of the tag board, but my host server cgi-bin suxass. I will get right to it when I get to use a fully functional cgi server :D
For now, I am just going to use the one that I got from the
It's get the job done, so I am alright with it =]
Next goal on the wish list is to think about new manu style, maybe a new layout totally...
Currently, I can't find any good pictures or can't thinking of anything good idea for the background yet...
I am always welcome on any new ideas.. just leave me a message on that tag board =D

Soravis Out...

Ps. I am also trying to make that tag-board user friendly as much as possible
let me know if you're still confuse with it.

April 22th, 2002:
Change the website look a bit.
I am working on span and putting some good background on the website.
Added Tag Board for people who want to complain about this website. =D
I actually got away with not having to use ASP.. that is a good thing... I think

Anyway..... Soravis is Out
for now... :)

April 8th, 2002:
I'm still trying to upgrade and change out some unused stuffs out of this website. Goal today is to make this website xhtml comp : )
I'm also thinking of an idea for people to left feed-back on the fly, maybe I got to get into ASP a little more.

Ps.. if you want to leave feedback at this moment, scrolls down to the bottom and send me e-mail : )

April 1st, 2002:
Updated the CSS on the web to one file and added My project page to Project link :) the Project contain Project from CA275, CA273, and The Famous Team Project for CA 275 :)
Lets Get it On!!!!

I am sticking to my background color la LOL, so bite me :P

Soravis Out....

March 10th, 2002:
I updated some of the sections, added News, Links and About Me Page ;)
Links is now a part of (got to love that website)
MyHQ let you setup a portable Bookmarks that you can logon anywhere as long as you got internet

Some people don't like this bgcolor. lol ;)


March 5th, 2002:
Lets today be called the day this website reborn :)