About Me!

Hey! you want to know about me. =]

Well... I am not very sure what to say. =/

Lets start with something basic, I am a fulltime student at Montgomery College in Maryland, and I am also an Independent Computer Consultent Specialist...

Some bio; I was born in Thailand about 22 years ago. I've left Thailand and been continue my study here in U.S. for about 10 years now. It've been very fun so far :)

My Hoppies & things that I love to do for fun:

I like just about everything that are fun

I enjoy collecting toys, cartoons, anime, swords =D, and even classic video games. Some of the collectable stuffs are very expensive, I don't know what came in my head when I decide to buy them ;/ I got a total of seven swords =D Two of which are the real traditional one, real real sharp and everything :) Japanese sword maker always said that the swards are useless if they can't cut though a person head within one swing. hum.. how intesting ha :) Some of the anime I love are from Akira Toriyama. He is the creator of the famous Dragonball and Dr.Slump. Anyway, he is one of my favorite. :)

My Favorite Games:

UO: (Ultima Online)
I have been playing UO for about 27 months now. This game is so addicting :) Their website is uo.com

RTCW: Return to the Castle Wolfenstein
First person shooter base on QuakeIII engine. This game rock!! it's a must have :) Their website is activision.com/games/wolfenstein/

Super Collapse!
One hell of a puzzle game made by gamehouse.com This game is so additing... hehe got introduced for me by Nicole, lovely girl :)
you can play this game either online or download it from download.com
Play it Load, and Play it here =D www.yahoo.com, www.rubiks.com

My Skills: