My URL's

These are some of the URL's I exclusively coded and exclusively or near-exclusively designed: Money at Designed 2/99 - 1/00. Online financial information including live stock quotes, IPO updates, and a listing of Christian brokers, along with updating content and a site for Christian Financial Concepts. PSLNet Designed 12/98 for PSLNet. Full HTML design with frame and non-frame versions. SOA Zine Designed 3/98 - Present. Christian music publication homepage. The Posse Designed 12/98 - Present. Official homepage of Christian fellowship group Joshua's Fun Time Designed 8/98 - 11/98 for Joshua Bloom of Web It! Creations and Joshua's Fun Time. Also designed subpages for various Web It! clients

These are some of the URL's in which I assisted in its design though not exclusively: Inline Corporation Designed 12/98 (ongoing) under contract with Inline Corporation, Chantilly, VA. Form design, processing, monthly page maintenance Frontline Designed 4/98 - 9/98 for Frontline Ministries (single adult fellowship of McLean Bible Church, McLean, VA)

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