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PATRICIA CARTER SLUBY is a Registered Patent Agent and a former United States primary patent examiner.  She is also a free lance writer and lecturer who has appeared on television and radio shows to discuss minority inventors.  Sluby is the past president of the National Intellectual Patent Law Association and has authored several books.

The work Creativity and Inventions:  The Genius of Afro-Americans and Women in the United States and Their Patents (1987) details the inventive nature of minorities in America. Her second book The Inventive Spirit of African Americans:  Patented Ingenuity (2004) discusses the ancient contributions of African to the enslaved souls brought to American shores and includes through time all fields up to the leading edge of today's technology.  An outgrowth of the previous work, the latest publication The Entrepreneurial Spirit of African Americans (2011), provides historical accounts of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship among African Americans from the 19th century to the present day.