I love to dance. Its good, clean, fun and there's nothing wrong with it. Also, I love to teach; it gives me great satisfaction to see students have fun enjoy what they are learning and really get something out of a class. It is because of these two reasons that I started…

High Energy Productions

High Energy Productions is a company that promotes social dance in all forms. Specifically, High Energy Productions promotes Latin dances through Salsa Classes, Salsa Dance Parties, Demonstration Dances (Performances), "Atmosphere Dancing" (Latin and non-Latin dance) and Latin Dance Aerobics. The current mission statement of High Energy Productions is to expose non-Latinos and Latinos alike to the beauty and art of Salsa Dancing. Its simple: we make good, clean, fun through events, which we produce or promote.

Keith's Brief

KEITH GIVENS is a Dance Instructor and Salsa Performer. He performed locally at the Kennedy Center, the Lisner Auditorium, and Glen Echo. He has performed nationally and internationally at World Salsa Conventions in Holland, England, Toronto and Los Angeles. Also, he has danced brief television spots on Latin channels. Keith has experience teaching everyone from beginners to performance level dancers.


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PRIVATE LESSONS with Keith: There are several different kinds of privates available: Individual, Couple, Salsa Boutique, and Secrets of Salsa. (Click on Privates for more information)

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Salsa Events

SALSA at GLEN ECHO!!! Saturday, November 10th, 8:00 p.m. to Midnight. E-mail for more info. (More updates coming soon)

Salsa Tips (including: Prior Salsa tips from the e-mails)

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