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Jean Renard Ward

Rueters-Ward Services

350 Massachusetts Avenue PMB 210

Arlington, MA 02476-7737

Cell: 781-267-0156

GoogleVoice: 617-600-4095

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MIT-educated technical and software consultant.  Highly experienced expert witness in patent litigation.  Areas of expertise include touchscreen and tablet hardware, capacitive touch and proximity sensors, styli/electronic pens, haptics; gestures, user interfaces (UIs), touchscreen graphics, and accessibility user interfaces (blind/visually-impaired); digital rights management (DRM), digital encryption (PKI), and malware detection; programming/coding, source-code analysis, and firmware.  Clients include Google, Samsung, Ericsson, Lenovo, Motorola, Nokia, and Lucent Technologies.  Granted multiple US patents, additional published patent applications.


Professional Experience


Rueters-Ward Services, Arlington, Massachusetts                                               2008-present


Consulting/development for multiple clients, including:


Litigation Support/Expert Witnessing


Bluesocket, Inc., Burlington, Massachusetts       


(Staff) Software development and engineering process (with QA Director and VP Eng.) for a distributed wireless network controller product with integrated security, verification of SSL/TLS and VPN features in multiple hardware devices and SIP mobile phones. Agile/Jira.

Cylant Security, Burlington, Massachusetts                                                           2005-2006

(Staff: Principal Engineer) Computer security technology: Multi-platform product for malware/virus detection, including techniques of behavioral analysis. Two patent filings on novel techniques (violation of invariant conditions) for detection of rootkits and malware


Digimarc, Burlington, Massachusetts                                                        2003-2004

(Consultant) Application of PKI technology in fabrication and production of secure identity documents and manufactured items.  One patent filing regarding PKI signatures to ensure authenticity and track unauthorized issuance of security documents such as passports.


Independent Consultant (Multiple Projects)                           2002-2003                                                                        

(Consultant) Three projects involving secure Web development in high-availability/high-performance applications, mobile payments using modified mobile phones, and international certification of a life-critical annunciation system. Prior-art research for two clients: pen-computing hardware and handwriting recognition.


CertCo Incorporated, Cambridge, Massachusetts                                                      1999-2002

(Staff: PKI Systems Architect) Development of distributed web applications involving proprietary PKI in e-commerce. Three patent filings regarding PK infrastructure for distributed electronic signing.


Siemens-Nixdorf USA, LCP Business Unit, Burlington, Massachusetts                              1998-1999

(Consultant) Design and development of cryptographic PKI/security technology for electronic DRM licensing of documents and materials distributed without restriction over the public Internet., Newton, Massachusetts Division of Mitsubishi Electronics                           1996-1998

(Staff: Development Group Leader) Secure, encrypted document and software delivery systems for automatic dissemination and delivery over the public Internet. Instituted engineering tracking and QA process.


FAX International, Burlington, Massachusetts                                                        1995-1996 (Consultant) Automated Email-to-FAX gateway, routing of fax traffic over private TCP/IP network.


DEC/Digital VXT Division, Marlboro, Massachusetts                                       1994-1995

(Consultant) WindowsNT-based graphics/applications terminal product using ALPHA technology.


DMR Group, Waltham, Massachusetts                                                          1994 (Consultant) Proprietary application scripting language, associated compilers, debuggers, and tools.


Phoenix Technologies Ltd., PAGE Division Cambridge, Massachusetts                              1993-1994

(Consultant) Firmware for a multiple-language, multiple-resolution network printer (PostScript/PCL).


Termiflex Corporation, Merrimac, New Hampshire                                                       1993

(Consultant) Compiler, linker, interpreter, and related tools for an object-based programming language for applications in hand-held touchpad industrial controller terminals.




Slate Corporation, Newton, Massachusetts                                                             1991-1993

(Staff: Developer) Development of tablet and pen computing applications products for the Microsoft PenWindows and GO/PenPoint pen-computing operating systems. Company representative and technical co-chair of an industry standardization effort (“JOT”) for electronic ink data format and compression applications.


Wang Laboratories, Lowell, Massachusetts                                                 1989-1991

(Staff: Senior Software Architect) Lead developer for touchscreen digitizer and controller/driver software to provide enhanced functionality to a portable computer as part of the “Freestyle” digitizer-based computer applications family. Company technical representative to early Pen Windows discussions with Microsoft concerning mobile tablet computers. Hardware design of an electrostatic tablet digitizer/touchscreen for a mobile tablet computer. Patents on novel pen-based UI involving virtual devices.


Teledyne/TAC, Woburn, Massachusetts                                                      1987-1989

(Staff: Dir. of Software Engineering) Software group leader for computer-controlled industrial automation for IC wafer testing.


Pencept Inc., Waltham,  Massachusetts                                                       1979-1987

(Staff: Lead Engineer) Group leader for Pencept’s handwriting/gesture recognition and pen-computing digitizer tablets and hardware controllers through three generations of products. Patents related to pen-computing UI (user interface) and pen-computing digitizers.


Dynatron Corporation, Waltham, Massachusetts                                                      1977-1979

(Staff: Senior Engineer/Analyst) Specialized implementation tools for real-time digital audio signal processing and testing. Early work as consultant for Penverter Partners (predecessor to Pencept).


Data General Corp., Westboro, Massachusetts                                                1974-1977

(Staff: Senior Systems Programmer) Compiler development.


Expert Witness/Litigation Support/Fact Witness


  1. 1.Declarations and depositions in support of petitioner Samsung for Inter Partes Review of U.S. Patents 8,717,303, 8,743,076, 8,866,785 and 8,878,810 concerning user interfaces and hardware for pressure-sensing capacitive touchscreens (Depositions October 2016, February 2017).  


  1. 2.Declaration and USPTO interview in support of patent owner Wimo Labs for Reexamination of U.S. Patents 9,092,077 and 8,847,930 concerning styli for capacitive touchscreens. Declaration, PTAB interview September 2016. 


  1. 3.Declarations and deposition in support of patent owner Ericsson for Inter Partes Review of U.S. Pat. RE43931 (6,131,047) concerning touchscreen user interfaces for hand-held radiotelephones (May/June 2016). 


  1. 4.Declarations and deposition in support of petitioner Samsung for Inter Partes Review of U.S. Patent 6,610,917 and related patents 8,743,067, 8,717,303, 8,866,785, and 8,878,810, concerning touchscreen hardware and gestures (February 2016). 


  1. 5.Expert witness for defendant Google in ContentGuard Holdings, Inc. v. Google Inc., Case No 2:14CV0061, (Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division), concerning U.S. Patent 8,393,007 and seven related patents on multimedia Digital Rights Management and Secure Systems for mobile devices. (Deposition June 2015, trial September 2015.) 


  1. 6.Expert witness for plaintiff GO Computer in GO Computer, Inc. v. Microsoft, CGC-05-442684 in Superior Court, State of California/San Francisco concerning business practices in California under the Cartwright Act. (Report and Deposition August 2015. Settled September 2015). 


  1. 7.Expert witness for defendant Lenovo in MAZ Encryption Technologies LLC v Lenovo Inc., Case No. 13-303-LPS (District of Delaware), U.S. Patent 8,359,476 concerning encryption/decryption in conjunction with smartcards. (Report December 2014, Deposition April, 2015). 


  1. 8.(Non-expert deposition as subpoenaed fact witness in Flatworld v. Samsung Electronics Co. LTD. et al, Case No 12-804-LPS, District of Delaware, April 2015.)

  2. 9.Declaration/report in support of petitioner Google, Inc. for Inter Partes Review of U.S. Patent 6,121,960, concerning rendering of transparency in graphics images and touch screen user-interface methods (May 2014. Depositions February and May, 2015). 


  1. 10.Expert witness for defendant Samsung in Apple, Inc. v Samsung Electronics Co. Limited, Proceeding No. NSD 1243 of 2011, Federal Court of Australia, concerning multi-touch hardware for mobile devices.  Two reports, testimony at trial in Sydney AU (June 2013). 


  1. 11.(Confidential projects as consulting expert) 


  1. 12.Expert witness for defendant Motorola in Certain Mobile Devices Incorporating Haptics, case number 337-2875, in the U.S. International Trade Commission, concerning touch haptics (settled prior to reports due 2012). 


  1. 13.Expert witness for defendant Motorola in Motorola Mobility, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation, Case No. 10-24063-CIV-MORENO (Southern District of Florida) concerning touchscreen gestures in smartphones.  (Two reports, deposition, one affidavit in related re-exam. 2011-2012). 


  1. 14.Expert witness for defendant Nokia in Nokia Corporation v. Apple, Inc., Case No. C.A. 09-791-GMS, (District of Delaware). Prior art and other research on multiple patents regarding touch user-interfaces, color rendering, touchscreen integration, and development tools for hand-held devices.  (Settled shortly before reports due. 2010-2011). 


  1. 15.Expert witness for plaintiff Lucent Technologies in Lucent Technologies, Inc., v. Gateway, Inc. et al., Case No. 02-CV-2060-B (WMC), consolidated with Case No. 03-CV-0699-B (WMC) and Case No. 03-CV-1108-B (WMC) (S.D. Cal.), concerning gesture user interfaces and hardware integration in tablet-type computers.  (Three expert reports, testimony in three depositions and at trial. 2006-2008). 


  1. 16.Expert witness for defendant in patent case Anoto  AB v. Sekendur, Case 03-C-4723, Northern District of Illinois, concerning US Patent 5.852,434 for optical (video) stylus digitizer hardware and firmware. (Expert report and deposition. 2004). 


  1. 17.Expert witness for defendant in Shumer v. LCS concerning US Patent 5,768,492 regarding hardware controllers and virtual devices for digitizing tablets and WINTAB industry standard. (One expert report. 2001). 



Published Patent Applications          (Known, may not include some foreign counterparts)


  1. 1.US Published Patent Application 20070169192, June 19, 2007Detection of system compromise by per-process network modeling” 


  1. 2.US Published Patent Application 20070067623, March 22, 2007Detection of system compromise by correlation of information objects” 


  1. 3.US Published Patent Application 20050132194, June 16, 2005Protection of identification documents using open cryptography”

  2. 4.European Patent Application Publication EP1421464 A1, May 26, 2004System and method for trust in computer environments” 


  1. 5.US Published Patent Application 20030163686, August 28, 2003System and method for ad hoc management of credentials, trust relationships and trust history in computing environments”

  2. 6.European Patent Application EP693724A1, January 24, 1996, "A method of reconfiguration of a simulated keyboard device in a computer system", 




Granted Patents                                  (Known, may not include  foreign counterparts)


  1. 1.US 5,491,495 "User interface having simulated devices" 


  1. 2.US 5,148,155 "Computer with tablet input to standard programs" 


  1. 3.US 4,608,658 "Method and apparatus for removing noise at the ends of a stroke caused by retracing" 


  1. 4.US 4,562,304 "Apparatus and method for emulating computer keyboard input with a handprint terminal" 


  1. 5.US 4,534,060 "Method and apparatus for removing noise at the ends of a stroke" 




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Presentations/Presentation Organizing


Society for Information Display (professional society:

Session chair and instructor for tutorial seminars on integration of touchscreen/pen interfaces and digitizer technology with graphics displays at the 1992 (Boston) and 1993 (Seattle) annual conferences for the Society for Information Display. Consultant to various clients on digitizer technology and pen computing interfaces 1991-1993.


Panel organizer: "Issues in the validity of testing protocols and criteria for on-line recognition of handwritten text,” presented at the 1st International Symposium on Handwriting and Applications, Montreal, Canada, July 1987.


Organizer for multi-company presentation to PHIGS standardization committee on pen computing and gesture-recognition input devices, Boston, 1986.


Professional/Academic Society Memberships


Associate Member, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) (1983-1990, 2007-Present)

Member, ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)                                                   (1974-Present)

Member, SID (Society for Information Display)                                             (1992-1997, 2012-Present)

Member, VIBUG (Visually-Impaired/Blind User Group: regional technical society)       (1986-Present)





S.B. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts 1974


Independent Study, Philipps-Universität, Marburg, Germany 1972




Familiarity with accessibility technology for visually-impaired/blind.

Fluent in German.