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What can I say!  The Flyers should have knocked out the Devils in game 5 (five).  There should have never been a game 7 (seven).  I was all for Eric Lindros coming back.  I was in the majority thinking that the Flyers are a better team when Eric is in the lineup.  Of course you know hindsight is 20/20.  Now I think Eric coming back was a major distraction for the Flyers.  Eric should have waited until we knocked out the Devils.  Come back for game 1 (one) of The Stanley Cup Finals.  I could be all wrong about this.  Who's to say the Flyers would have knocked out Jersey without the distraction of Eric Lindros' return.  

As a fan I never want to see a player get injured.  The hit Lindros took from Stevens was a legal hit.  Some radio and newspaper reports in Philadelphia are saying Stevens elbowed Lindros.  Stevens hit Lindros with his shoulder which makes it a legal hit!  These people obviously didn't watch the replay of the hit.  So much for accurate reporting.

We are also supposed to believe that Scott Stevens is feeling bad about the hit he put on Eric.  I'm sorry, Stevens, I don't buy it.  When Stevens heard Lindros would be back in the lineup, I'm sure Stevens said to himself, I can't wait to go for his head!  Just like he was going after Flyer player's knees, after Primeau had incidental contact with John Madden's knee in game 2 (two).  Scott Stevens is a dirty player!  That's NOT sour grapes on my part, that's a fact!

As for my previous editorial about ESPN's bias coverage against the Flyers.  It was the same during game seven.  All Devils all the time.  Mr. Clement, you won't have to worry about being bias against your former team, The Philadelphia Flyers.  I'LL SAY IT AGAIN, BILL CLEMENT IS A FRAUD!!!!!!  HE FORGOT WHERE HE CAME FROM!        

I'm for the Colorado Avalanche!  I hope they beat the Stars and kick Jersey's Ass to win Lord Stanley's Cup!  Don't get me wrong.  If the Stars beat the 'lanche, I'm all for the Stars to kick Jersey's Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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