Meditation Therapy Retreat, October 2002

Four people participated in the October 2002 Meditation Therapy Retreat. Each had thought deeply about the retreat before coming. Three participants have permitted the use of their photo. All found the experience deeply moving, enough so that three of the participants plan a reunion in 2003.

One participant, who has had serious recurring problems of depression, has described her experience in two separate posts. At first, she said: "I am still processing the weekend. I have been experiencing much more awareness of the kinds of things I tell myself. I am still puzzled by some of the things you said about the way you and others see me but at the same time I have been recognizing the positive things I do everyday."

Two months later, this same participant wrote: "Things for me have been progressing I'm happy to be able to say. I am getting more regular at meditating and I've been putting effort into attending a weekly mediation group . . . . In fact this coming weekend there will be a meditation weekend so I have all good intentions to attend part of it if not all of it."

With love and respect,
P.S. Below are two pictures. One is of the participants and of me. The other is of a close-by pond that was an important part of the retreat.
Picture of Participants
Picture of Pond
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