Oh, The Places You’re Not

There you go!

Six years of Grade School
Three years Junior High
Four years of High School
You wanted to cry
Four years of College
You drank to excess
Everyone else
Is a vibrant success

Except for you

Your flat is a rat hole
Loud trains, you can’t sleep
With a bed that’s too small
And a rent that’s too steep
A job that you hate
Next to folks you despise
To pay for the flat
That can barely fit sighs

You thought it’d be different
You were told that it would
That you could be all
That you would, should or could
Captains of Industry
Curry your favor
And your telephone rings
And you’re viewed as a savior

But you’re not

It’s just a McJob
Every day, you’re tormented
With fools for co-workers
A boss that’s demented
And it just covers rent,
And a carton of smokes
And the liquor it takes
To laugh at life’s jokes

For this is your life
From a Monday to Friday
With hump day on Wednesday
And every day “why” day
This festering hell
Is with what you contend
Until five o’clock
Wherein starts the weekend

If you’re not asked to work it, of course

The weekend is here!
Boy, that week sure was crappy
But now that it’s over
You can be really happy!
But the credit card’s maxed
And you ain’t go no dough
So you look out the window
And pace to and fro

It’s a beautiful day
So you could go outside
But the neighborhood hates you
It’s being gentrified

And you’re really quite sorry

You feel quite conflicted
That you are the reason
That folks are evicted

You ain’t in Kansas anymore, Brother

So you pad and you pace
And you stare at the walls
Your Significant Other
Won’t answer your calls
And you thought that you’d marry
The He, She or It
But the He, She or It
They just cannot commit

Or maybe it’s you
You just can’t be tied down
When there’s a slight chance
That you could paint the town
If your job was fulfilling
Your apartment was spiffy
Even so, you admit
That the chances are iffy

But you never know…right?  RIGHT?

It’ll all work out, though
You just wait and see
The praise it will come
And the money from trees
And the skies they will part
And the sun will come out
And you’ll laugh at the time
When your heart flowed with doubt



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