Noelle Bush Public Service Announcement

Hi, I'm Noelle Bush and if you or someone you know has a drug problem, I can help. That's why, with the help of my father, Jeb Bush, the Governor of Florida and my uncle George, the President of the United States and the good folks at Verizon Wireless, I've started the Noelle Bush Illegal Drug Disposal Hotline. As a former addict I know how hard it can be to have drugs in your house, apartment, mobile home or shoe. That's why I want to help. I will meet you anytime, anywhere and personally dispose of any drugs you are still in possession of. Drug addiction is a serious thing. I can help relieve you of your drugs in a safe and secure manner, thereby taking away the temptation of your drugs. It doesn't matter what kind or how much. From pipe resin to a kilo of heroin, simply call my Verizon Wireless cell phone at 1-800-MY-DRUGS and I will personally come and dispose of your drugs. I won't preach. I won't make you feel bad. I'll just take your drugs and go. No guilt trip. No questions asked.

So, if you have some drugs you want to get rid of, I can help. Call the Noelle Bush Illegal Drug Disposal Hotline at 1-800-MY-DRUGS. Thank you.


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