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Larry: This hour on Larry King Live, we're joined by Helga and Greg Holliston. If you've been following the story on our sister network Headline News, you'll know that...well, Greg let's hear you tell it.

Greg: Thanks, Larry. I'd like to also thank CNN for getting behind this story. It's...I don't's so heartening to know that Jilliana is in the prayers of the nation.

Helga: (Norwegian) Yah. We've been thankful to da tousands of the peoples who sending da telegrams and heart-shaped balloons, and furry stuffed animals, and da flowers and da little boxes of chocolate and 'N Sync CDs and..

Greg: Really. It's been (stifling back a tear) it's been really know...that so many people are caring for her. And I know if she were with us today...she'd be thanking America, as well.

Helga: Yah, it's a wonderful country to living in be.

Greg: Thank you, America! Thank you!!

Helga: Yah. Tanks.

Larry: Now, Jilliana is how many years old?

Greg: She'll be 16 next month.

Larry: And when did this ordeal start, I mean how did it start?

Helga: Vell, she woke up one morning saying she had a little sneefle

Larry: A what?

Helga: A sneefle (Sniffs to demonstrate) You know, sneefle.

Larry: A sniffle

Helga: Yah. Sneefle.

Greg: We took her temperature right away, of course, and it really wasn't much. 98.9, I think.

Helga: 8

Greg: That's right. 98.8.

Larry: And did she seem upset?

Helga: At first, no. She said that she felt just a little sick maybe. A sewer troat.

Greg: Sore throat. No, she was pretty good. Then we told her that we didn't think it was a good idea for her to go to equestrian and...

Helga: She started crying, crying, crying.

Larry: Gosh. Gosh. So, later in the afternoon...

Greg: That's when the phlegm started.

Helga: And da coofing

Larry: Coofing?

Greg: Coughing. Yeah. And that's...that's when we knew that...she had...a...really bad cold

(Greg and Helga hold back tears)

Larry: Gosh, gosh. And this cold has been going on for...?

Greg: Four days now, Larry. Four days.

Larry: And the doctors?

Helga: Dey say "oh it's just a cold". But it's nut yoost a cold. It's a really, really, really bad cold. She can't seem to shake it!

Greg: Larry, we've tried everything. The dryness of our home in Sedona. The fresh air of our home in Gastad. The humidity of our home in Palm Beach. It won't go away. Our poor little girl is helpless!

Larry: Now, yesterday, the spokesperson for your family indicated that her fever had gone down slightly. Has that changed again?

Greg: Well, the doctor's said that it was due to the air pressure on the descent of the flight she was on. It was a false positive.

Larry: Wow. That must be frustrating.

Helga: She wakes up in the morning and the first hour, she feel gude. Then, she lay doon again. Coughing, sniffling, sneezing...

Greg: Head-achey, groggy...she's asleep two hours later.

Helga: Her friends, they call up "can Jilliana play today? We're going skiing in the Alps, please say she's better!" But I have to say "No. She's not feeling better. She still has a...." (Breaks off sobbing)

Greg: (Comforting her) She'll get better, Helga. Better than better.

Larry: I'm getting word that your spokesperson is about to start another press conference, so we're going to break away to join that live. Off to Wolf Blitzer on Martha's Vineyard.


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