AP-Boston-  In a stunning and surprising move, The Boston Globe has asked for Globe Santa’s resignation over allegations that three of his columns have factual inaccuracies.  At issue are stories from November 28 and December 14, 1996 and a Christmas Eve 1987 story.  Globe Santa has steadfastly denied that allegations.

A short, somewhat tersely worded statement from Globe publisher Benjamin Taylor reads:

Rumors of Globe Santa’s fast and loose interpretations of the facts are legendary.  The Boston Globe has, until now, allowed Globe Santa the benefit of the doubt.  However, substantial and credible evidence turned over to the Globe today dictate that the right and proper course of action is for Globe Santa to resign.

When questioned about the source of the information, Taylor replied that the informant had requested anonymity.  Many, however, have speculated that the source is former Globe columnist Mike Barnacle.  Barnacle, when reached at home denied that he was the source of the information.

“Everyone knows that Globe Santa is full of crap.  He’s a hack and has been since I first started.  I mean the guy works one month out of the year and makes more than any of us!  Am I sad that he’s gone?  Truthfully, no.  I never cared for that treacle-ly, bathos-filled prose style.  It’s got no soul, no center.  I know that everyone will be pointing the finger at me and they’ve got the right to do that.  All I can say is that justice is justice.”  Barnacle said that since his resignation, he’s been staying in shape by re-writing his old columns.  The interview ended abruptly when Barnacle got a call asking him to work a double at the convenience store.

A spokesperson for Globe Santa released the following statement:

Globe Santa is understandably upset by the allegations.  Due to the holiday season, comments will be withheld until December 27th.


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