2. If the holiday is Monday, the employee will automatically be off-duty    on Tuesday.

3. If the holiday is a workday other than Friday or Monday, the employee will automatically be off-duty the workday following the holiday.

Section 7--DCFAM Memoranda of Understanding (MOU)

The provisions of current MOUs as in effect for DCFAM are incorporated by reference into this appendix.

Appendix D

Alternative Work Schedules (Including Flextime and CWS Plans) and Credit Hour Plans for the Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA)

Section 1--Purpose

This appendix sets forth the AWS (including flextime and compressed work schedules) and credit hour procedures to be followed in the Office of Hearings and Appeals) and provides authority for such employees to participate in these plans.  In reaching agreement on this Appendix, neither party waives any provision of the National Agreement, laws or government-wide regulations.  The parties recognize that the alternate work schedule (AWS) provisions reflected in this appendix are solely designed to meet the specific workload and employee needs of the Office of Hearings and Appeals and may not be appropriate for other SSA components.

Section 2--Scope

All OHA bargaining unit employees (including temporary employees) are covered by this appendix.  Part-time employees are covered for the Flextime and Credit Hour Plan only.

Section 3--Basic Provisions

A.  Timekeeping Procedures

All bargaining unit employees will be expected to sign in and sign out each day using the SSA Serial Time and Attendance Roster (Form SSA-30).  Employees will use the applicable system in order of their arrival and departure.