supervisor's absence, the request will be submitted to the next available    line manager.  The request will be approved or denied in writing and    returned to the employee as soon as possible.

2.  The procedure described in Section 5(B)(1) above does not preclude    submission of, and approval of a request to work credit hours for more than one workday in the future.

3.  The procedure described in Section 5(B)(1) above does not preclude    working same-day credit hours upon mutual agreement of the employee and the Employer (on a case-by-case basis).

4.  If credit hours are requested and approved and overtime is subsequently made available, the employee will be afforded the opportunity    to elect to work the overtime.

C.    Usage of Credit Hours

Use of earned credit hours is to be requested by submitting a form SF-71.  The employee will check the block to the left of "Other" and write out credit hours or the credit hour code to the right of "Specify."  Credit hours can be used in lieu of, or together with approved leave.

Section 6--CWS Provisions

A.  Procedures

1.  In each two (2) week period, the employee will work eight (8) nine (9)    hour days and one (1) eight (8) hour day.  With the inclusion of a              thirty (30) minute lunch, the employee's schedule should reflect              eight (8) nine and one-half hour (9 1/2) days and one eight and              one-half hour (8 1/2) day.

2. In maintaining adequate staffing coverage within SSA headquarters    components, it is agreed and understood that management will approve CWS schedules in a fair and equitable manner.  In order to maintain appropriate resources by positions, management will approve employee requests for specific schedules as long as the requests generally will not result in more than ten (10) percent of the staff being off on any given day.  However, this amount may be increased depending upon workload and differing demands of respective offices/components.  This is over and above the normal leave usage.  In computing the ten (10) percent staffing figure, management will round up to the next whole person.