conflict with their CWS schedule and in other situations requiring a return to a fixed shift; e.g., court leave.

B. Employees will also revert to their established fixed shifts when inclement weather or other emergency conditions result in an administrative decision to authorize a late opening.  Management will establish a fixed shift schedule for the nine and one-half (9 1/2) hour work day.  In the event there is an early closing, management will excuse the remaining hours in the workday, if any.

C. An employee will continue to participate in the CWS plan while in travel status unless there is a need to change the work schedule; e.g., the hours of operation at the travel site differ from those of the employee.  Management reserves the right to adjust the work schedules of employees in travel status and if possible should do so in advance of the administrative workweek.

Section 5--Credit Hour Provisions

A.    Procedures

1.  Employees eligible to work credit hours under the provisions of this    appendix will be permitted to earn up to two (2) credit hours per day, if    approved, provided that there is appropriate work available for the    employee and it can be performed at the requested time(s).  Employees may  accrue credit hours so that the total exceeds the 24-hour maximum limit every other week.  However, the hours in excess of 24 must be requested and used prior to the end of the pay period.  All credit hours must be worked within the prescribed flexband.

2.  Credit Hours can be earned in the following manner:

a. Each day, the first credit hour must be earned in a          30-minute increment.

b.  A one-quarter (1/4) hour increment may be worked thereafter.

3.  Pursuant to Public Law 97-221, the maximum number of credit hours a full-time employee may carry over from one pay period to the next pay    period is twenty-four (24).  Part-time employees may accumulate and carry over not more than 1/4 of the hours in such employees' biweekly basic work  requirements.

B. Requests to Work Credit Hours   

1. Normally, the employee will request the opportunity to earn credit    hours by completing a form designated by management.  The request will  ordinarily be made on the workday preceding the day the hours are to be  worked, and will be submitted to the immediate supervisor.  In the