2.  Management will consider operational needs and employee preference in    making assignments and reassignments to work schedules.

3.  Once operational needs are resolved, conflicts in scheduling will be    resolved in favor of the employee with the earliest service computation    date.

4.  All full-time bargaining unit employees (including temporary  employees) working in any TSC are covered by this appendix.  Part-time    employees may work flextour on those days that they work an 8-hour tour.

Appendix C

Alternative Work Schedule (including Flextime and Compressed Work Schedule) and Credit Hour Plans for Headquarters Components (Excluding OHA)

Section 1--Purpose

This appendix sets forth the AWS (including flextime and compressed work schedules) and credit hour procedures to be followed in Headquarters components of the Social Security  Administration (excluding the Office of Hearings and Appeals) and provides authority for such employees to participate in these plans.

Section 2--Exceptions

A.  CWS and Fixed Shift Employees

The parties agree that there are situations that will not readily accommodate a CWS plan as defined in Article 10 and implemented by this appendix.  However, this will not preclude consideration and disposition of such situations on a case-by-case basis, that to the maximum extent feasible, the Employer will afford fixed shift and twenty-four (24) hour operation employees (e.g., essential functions, NCC employees, etc.) the opportunity to work flexible or compressed work schedules.  In order to accommodate such participation, the workday, as in effect on April 13, 1990, for fixed shift employees is extended by two (2) hours.  Current fixed shift starting times will continue as at present and must be followed.

B. Adverse Impact The parties agree that if any component identified in A. above experiences any adverse impact pursuant to 5 U.S.C 6131 with either the 5-4-9 plan or credit hours, renegotiations in accordance with Article 4 of