overtime pay and premium pay (5 CFR 610 and 5 U.S.C. 6120).  If a holiday falls on an employee's day off due to the 5/4/9 schedule and the employee's day off is on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, the employee will get the preceding day off as an "in-lieu-of" holiday.  If the holiday falls on the employee's  Monday day off due to the 5/4/9 schedule, the employee would get Tuesday off as "in-lieu-of" holiday.

G.  Temporary Suspension of CWS Because of Training Employees who are scheduled to attend out of office training may have to revert to the working hours in effect at the training site.  Their CWS tour may also be temporarily suspended.

Section 5--Flextime in TSCs.

A.  Flextime Experiment

Management agrees to conduct flextime experiments in one (1) mega and three (3) non-mega TSCs.  These experiments will run for a 12-month period and will include a definite evaluation period at the conclusion of the experiment.  The evaluation criteria and procedures will be negotiated by the parties prior to any implementation of the experiment.  The evaluation process will include periodic meetings of the parties to assess the condition of the ongoing experiments.  The Union will identify the size of the  three (3) non-mega TSC's based on the following criteria.  Where there are bargaining unit employees in the following numbers.

1.  More than 125;
2.  76 -125;
3.  40-75; and
4.  less than 40.

Based on the above criteria, management will select the 3 non-mega TSC sites. Management will also select the one (1) mega TSC site.  Full implementation will be based on successful evaluation results of the experiments.

B. Flextours in TSCs. Modified flextours will be implemented in those TSC's not participating in the flextime experiments described in (A) above.  These modified flextours will provide employees an option of reporting either 15 minutes before or after their tour/shift begins; e.g., the TSC tour is 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; the modified flextour reporting times are 7:45 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.  Employees would leave 8 1/2 hours after their reporting time.  The details of implementation of flextour in each TSC will be bargained locally.

C. Scheduling Flextours   

1. Employees will be given an opportunity to request the fixed tour of their choosing.