D. TSC's with flextime as of 7/1/88 may continue with their current arrangements or, upon notification from the local President may opt to follow the credit hour plan for TSC's in this agreement.

Section 3--Credit Hours Provisions

A.  General Provisions

Credit hours are worked at the employee's option subject to the prior approval of management.  In addition to prior management approval, working credit hours is conditioned on the availability of appropriate work.  Credit hours are not to be confused with overtime hours.

B.  Requesting Credit Hours

Employees will request the opportunity to earn credit hours no later than 3:30 p.m. on the workday prior to the proposed date of working the credit hours.  The prior request requirement of this provision may be waived by management for just cause.

C.  Signing for Credit Hours

All employees working credit hours will sign in and sign out for the credit hour period worked on a serial sign-in/sign-out sheet provided by management.  Employees must be ready and available to work upon signing in.

D.  Earning Credit Hours

Normally, an employee may earn up to two (2) credit hours per workday to a maximum of 24 credit hours per pay period.  Each day the first credit hour must be earned in a 30 minute increment; thereafter, 1/4 hour increments may be worked.  A maximum of 24 credit hours may be carried over from the prior pay period.  Part-time employees may not carry-over from the prior pay period more than one-half of their weekly part-time tour.  Credit hours must be earned in advance of their use.

E.  Using Earned Credit Hours

The use of credit hours shall be approved in the same manner as annual leave in accordance with Article 31 of the national agreement.  Credit hour use will be requested on Form SF-71.  In the event of scheduling conflicts, the use of leave will take precedence over the use of credit hours.

Section 4--CWS Provisions

A.  Eligibility to Participate in CWS