F. Earning Credit Hours Normally, an employee may earn up to two (2) credit hours per workday to a maximum of 24 credit hours per pay period.  Employees may earn credit hours in an initial increment of one-half hour and subsequent increments of one-quarter hour.  A maximum of 24 credit hours may be carried over from the prior pay period.  Part-time employees may not carry over from the prior pay period more than one-half of their weekly part-time tour.  Credit hours must be earned in advance of their use.

G. Using Earned Credit Hours The use of credit hours shall be approved in the same manner as annual leave in accordance with Article 31 of the national agreement.  Credit hour use will be requested on form SF-71.  Supervisors will approve use of credit hours under the same criteria used for the approval of leave.  In the event of a conflict between credit hour requests, it will be resolved in favor of the employees with the earliest service computation date (SCD) within the work unit by the supervisor.

Appendix B

Credit Hour, Compressed Work Schedule (CWS) and Flextime Plans for
Teleservice Centers (TSCs)

Section 1--Purpose

This appendix sets forth the credit hour, flextime and CWS procedures to be followed in Teleservice Centers (TSCs) and provides authority for such employees to participate in these plans.

Section 2--Scope

A.  General

Employees have the option of participating in either the credit hour plan or the CWS plan.  No employee may combine credit hours and CWS.  However, employees have the option of going from CWS to the credit hour plan at the beginning of any pay period.  Employees who wish to change from the credit hour plan to CWS may only do so the first full pay period of a quarter.

B. Credit Hour Plan All full-time permanent employees may participate in the credit hour program consistent with the provisions and requirements of this appendix.  Temporary employees may participate in the credit hour program except in cases where the incumbents of these positions are hired or are needed to provide office coverage for specific time periods. Part-time employees are covered on those days that they work an 8-hour tour.

C. CWS Plan TSC employees may participate in the CWS plan in accordance with the provisions of Section 4 below.