Section 16--Credit Hour Provisions

A.  General Provisions

Employees eligible to work credit hours will be permitted to do so, provided there is appropriate work available and it can be performed at the requested time(s).

B. In field offices included in credit hour experiments, that have 5/4/9 available, employees have the option of participating in either the credit hour experiment plan or the 5/4/9 plan.  No employee may combine credit hours and CWS.  However, employees have the option of going from CWS to the credit hour plan at the beginning of any pay period.  Employees who wish to change from the credit hour plan to CWS may only do so the first full pay period of a quarter.

C. All full-time permanent employees may participate in the credit hour program consistent with the provisions and requirements of this appendix.  Part-time employees are covered on those days that they work an 8-hour tour.

D. Requesting Credit Hours   

1. Normally, the Employee will request the opportunity to earn credit    hours by completing a form designated by management.  The request will    ordinarily be made on the workday preceding the day the hours are to be    worked, and will be submitted to the immediate supervisor.  In the supervisor's absence, the request will be submitted to the next available line manager.  The request will be approved or denied in writing and    returned to the employee as soon as possible.
2. The procedure described in Section 5.B.1. above does not preclude    submission of, and approval of a request to work credit hours for more than one workday in the future.

3. The procedure described in Section 5.B.1 above does not preclude    working same-day credit hours upon mutual agreement of the employee and the    Employer (on a case-by-case basis).

4. If credit hours are requested and approved and overtime is subsequently made available, the employee will be afforded the opportunity    to elect to work the overtime.

E. Signing for Credit Hours All employees working credit hours will sign in and sign out for the credit hour period worked on a serial sign-in/sign-out sheet provided by management.  Employees must be ready and available to work upon signing in.