D. After initial assignments, rotation between shifts will occur on a quarterly basis, to ensure that all employees have an opportunity to have the most popular days off.  The rotation may occur in the following or similar fashion:  Employees with Mondays off would rotate to Wednesday, Tuesday to Thursday, Wednesday to Friday, Thursday to Monday, Friday to Tuesday, etc.

Section 13--Holidays

Prior to implementation, the Employer will inform employees of the effect compressed work schedules have on holidays, overtime pay and premium pay (5 CFR 610 and 5 U.S.C. 6120).  If a holiday falls on an employee's day off due to the 5/4/9 schedule and the employee's day off is on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, the employee will get the preceding day off as an "in-lieu-of" holiday.  If the holiday falls on the employee's  Monday day off due to the 5/4/9 schedule, the employee would get Tuesday off as "in-lieu-of" holiday.

Section 14--Temporary Suspension of CWS

A. Occasions may arise when the CWS plan must be temporarily suspended as a result of unusual workload needs or an operational exigency. The Employer shall make every reasonable effort to avoid suspension of an employee's tour.

B. Employees who are scheduled to attend out of office training may have to revert to the working hours in effect at the training site.  Their CWS tour may also be temporarily suspended.

Section 15--Credit Hours in Field offices

A. Management will establish three credit hour experiments within each region and in every area based on the following number of bargaining unit employees:

      !  15 or more bargaining unit employees
      !  10-14 bargaining unit employees
      !  less than 10 bargaining unit employees

B.  These experiments will run for a 6-month period and will include a definite evaluation period.  At the conclusion of these experiments, credit hours will be implemented in all field offices unless the Agency demonstrates adverse Agency impact.