E.  Shift Rotations

Shift rotations, where necessary, will be worked out at the local level taking into consideration the preferences of employees and the operational needs of the office.

F.  Timekeeping Procedure

All bargaining unit employees will be expected to use time recording equipment or sign in and sign out each day using the SSA Serial Time and Attendance Roster (Form SSA-30).  Employees will use the applicable system in order of their arrival and departure.

G.  Start Times

If an employee arrives at the office prior to their scheduled start time, his/her sign-in time will be the time his/her normal flextime is scheduled to start.

H.  Lunch and Breaks

To the extent feasible, management will continue existing lunch and break arrangements.

I.  Return to Fixed Shift

The conditions listed below are examples of reasons that may be cause for a return to normal working hours for all or some participating employees:
a.  Court Leave   

Employees serving jury duty will automatically revert to their normal      office working hours for purposes of returning to work when court closes    early or their services are not needed by the court.

b.  Out-of-Office Training   
Employees who are scheduled to attend all day or partial day out-of-office training may be required to revert to normal office working hours.

c.  Travel Status

Employees who will be in travel status will either revert to normal office    hours or remain on flextime, depending upon operational needs.