C.  Flexible Band

The flexible band for small offices is a 1 hour and 45 minute period starting 45 minutes before the normal start time and ending one hour after the normal start time.  It will also be 45 minutes prior to the normal end of the workday to one hour after the end of the normal workday.

Section 6--Determining Office Plan

The plan to be used for each office will be determined by the size of the office as of August 14, 1988.  Office size will be reviewed on each anniversary date of this Agreement to determine whether the large or small office plan should be applied.  No office will go from the large office plan to the small office plan unless it drops below thirteen (13) full time permanent bargaining unit employees.

Section 7--Common Flextime Provisions for Large and Small Offices

The following provisions apply to both large and small offices:

A.  The Flextime Workday

The usual eight (8) hour workday plus lunch will be replaced by a working day that is composed of two (2) different types of time: core time and a flexible band.

B.  In-office Training and Meetings

Consistent with operational needs, training and meetings will be scheduled to minimize interference with the use of the morning flexible band.  On days that training and/or meetings are scheduled, employees will arrange their time of arrival so as to be present for such training and/or meetings.

C.  Shift Assignments

During the initial 30-day period after the effective date of this agreement, employees should submit requests for shift assignments.  Management will assign the minimum number of employees to shift 2 to accommodate employee preference and operational needs.

D.  Adjustments to Shift Assignments

In the event of unusual workload or staffing problems, management may assign employees to a different shift.  Such assignment will be done equitably.  When such adjustments are no longer necessary, employees will return to their scheduled shift assignment.