B. The overtime rosters maintained and applied in ODIO and OCRO will be at the Division level.

Section 5--Scheduling Overtime--Field Organization, Including OHA and OPIR (Field Organizations).

A. When the Administration decides to use overtime, qualified volunteers will be used before using nonvolunteers.

B.  All qualified employees whose performance is at least fully successful will be notified of the availability of overtime.

C. Overtime will be assigned fairly and equitably.

Appendix A

Flextime and Compressed Work Schedule (CWS) Plans for
Field Offices (DO/BO)

Section 1--Purpose

This appendix sets forth the flextime and CWS procedures to be followed in field offices and provides authority for such employees to participate in these plans.

Section 2--Employee Options

In field offices that have CWS, employees have the option of participating in either the CWS or the flextime plan.  No employee may combine flextime and CWS.  However, employees have the option of going from CWS to flextime at the beginning of any pay period.  Employees who wish to change from flextime to CWS may only do so the first full pay period of a quarter.

Section 3--Scope

A. All full-time bargaining unit employees (including temporary employees) working in Field offices are covered by this appendix.  Part-time employees may work flextime on those days that they work an 8-hour tour.

B. Existing CWS arrangements in the Atlanta Region will continue under their current terms and conditions in accordance with the Provisions of Public Law 97-221.  Current flextime provisions in effect in AFGE offices in the Atlanta and San Francisco Regions will continue under their current terms and conditions.  Upon notification from the Local President, an office may opt to follow the flextime plan outlined in Article 10 and Appendix A.