D. Employees covered by both the Fair Labor Standards Act and Title 5 U.S.C. shall receive overtime compensation in accordance with whichever benefit is greater.

E. Employees covered by Title 5 CFR, when approved by management, can accrue and use compensatory time.  When feasible, the Employer shall grant such an employee's request for compensatory time rather than payment for overtime.

F. It is agreed that non-bargaining unit employees shall not be scheduled on overtime to perform the duties of bargaining unit employees for the sole purpose of eliminating the need to schedule bargaining unit employees for overtime.

G. When employees in a voluntary situation indicate in advance that they will work overtime, the Employer should have a reasonable expectation that they will keep their commitment.  It is understood that employees occasionally may be unable to report for assigned overtime work.Therefore, an employee who volunteers for overtime work and fails to report as scheduled without good cause may have his or her name placed at the end of any overtime roster.  Such employees may be considered for overtime after all eligible employees have been given proper consideration or will be excluded from overtime work for two (2) weeks, whichever comes first.

H. Employees who are called back to work at the office for a period of overtime unconnected to their regularly scheduled tour or who work overtime on Saturday, Sunday or holidays are entitled to a minimum of two (2) hours overtime pay.

I. When scheduled overtime is to be mandated for all employees in the occupation/operating entity, employees will be notified at least 3 days in advance, whenever possible. Notice of 2 days will be given for all other overtime work, whenever possible.

J. Employees will not be scheduled to perform functions on overtime below their grade levels unless the number of volunteers at the lower level is insufficient.

Section 4-Scheduling Overtime--Headquarters (including ADP 24-Hour Operations), Program Service Centers, Data Operations Centers, and Headquarters of the Office of Hearings and Appeals.

A. In scheduling overtime in headquarters (including the ADP 24-hour operations), in Program Service Centers, in Data Operations Centers, and in headquarters of the Office of Hearings and Appeals, the Administration will use the negotiated procedures and current practices and understandings in effect on December 1, 1992.