Article 10

Hours of Work, Flextime, Alternative Work Schedules
and Credit Hours

Section 1--Hours of Work

A. Hours of work for employees shall be in accordance with applicable law and regulations.

B. A rest period of fifteen (15) minutes duration will be allowed each employee twice during each 8-hour day.  A rest period of ten (10) minutes duration will be allowed each employee during each period of extended shift overtime of at least 2 hours duration.  On days when all work is overtime, a rest period of fifteen (15) minutes will be allowed for each period of 4 hours worked.  Rest periods will not be appended to periods of leave or the beginning or end of the employee's workshift.  Management will not restrict employee mobility during rest breaks.

C. The occurrence of holidays shall not affect the designation of the basic workweek.

Section 2--General Definitions

For the purposes of this article and its Appendices, the following definitions apply:

A. "Employee" means an AFGE bargaining unit employee of SSA.

B. "Basic work requirement" means the number of hours, excluding overtime hours, that an employee is required to work or is required to account for by leave or otherwise.

C. "Overtime" means work that is performed by an employee in excess of eight hours in a day or in excess of 40 hours in an administrative workweek and that is officially ordered or approved by the Agency.  "Overtime" does not include "credit hours."

D.  "Core Hours" means that period of time when all employees on a particular shift are expected to be at work.

E. "Alternative work schedule" (AWS) means a schedule other than the traditional eight (8) hour fixed shift.  Flexible work schedules and compressed work schedules are included within the definition of an alternative work schedule.