Appendix C

Vision Program

This appendix concerns video display terminals (VDT), eye examinations and eyeglasses/contacts and is entered into by and between SSA (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) and the AFGE General Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Union).  This Agreement covers all employees in the AFGE consolidated bargaining unit that use a VDT as part of their normal work.

A. Employees shall only be eligible for VDT-related eye exams and eyeglasses/contacts based upon supervisory certification that the employee does use a VDT in the course of their official duties.

B. If an eligible employee obtains a prescription from a licensed optical practitioner (e.g., optometrist or ophthalmologist) indicating that the employee needs special eyeglasses/contacts in order to operate a VDT without eyestrain or because of other optical-related problems, the Agency shall reimburse the employee for 100% of the eye examination in an amount not to exceed $40. In this process the employee must present the practitioner with a form, obtained from management, which will indicate that any prescription should only be for VDT use. The practitioner must certify on the form that the eyeglasses are for VDT use. This form must be returned to management.
C. An employee who has met the conditions listed in A and B above will be entitled to a pair of eyeglasses/contacts for VDT operation at Agency expense. The Agency will bear the cost up to $150.  The Agency will either procure the eyeglasses/contacts of the employees choice, or will reimburse the employee upon the presentation of proper documentation. The option will be left to the Agency.

D. Employees shall be entitled to a reasonable amount of excused absence to obtain eyeglasses/contacts, and VDT eyeglass/contact examination and fitting, provided that the employee in fact has an authorized VDT eyeglass/contact prescription. Normally this will not exceed 2 hours total time for all matters.

E. In accordance with the VDT Panel Recommendation (item B 6 and 7) all, or selected groups of intensive VDT users may be requested to participate in an eye screening examination to determine a need for special eyeglasses in order to operate a VDT. This process will be done at the option of the Agency, and if instituted, would be thoroughly explained to all participants. This screening would be provided by the Agency at no cost to the employee.  The results will not be used to prohibit or preclude an employee in any way from