3.  temperatures are maintained in the range which is currently a maximum    of 76-80 degrees in the cooling season and a minimum of 65-70 degrees in    the heating season.

4. appropriate measures are taken to minimize and/or eliminate the impact    of contamination from outside sources such as garages, cooling towers,    building exhausts, etc.  Where the levels of such contaminants becomes    health-threatening, management will either seek to relocate or evacuate the    facility.

F. Microbial contamination The Employer agrees to eliminate or control all known and potential sources of microbial contaminants by assessments and appropriate response to all areas where water collection and leakage has occurred including floors, roofs, HVAC cooling coils, drain pans, humidifiers containing reservoirs of stagnant water, air washers, fan coil units, and filters.  Such response will normally require prompt cleaning and repair of contaminated areas.

Also the Agency agrees to:

1. Clean and disinfect or remove and discard porous organic materials  that are contaminated (e.g., damp insulation in ventilation system, moldy  ceiling tiles, and mildewed carpets);

2. Clean and disinfect non-porous surfaces where microbial growth has    occurred with detergents, microbicides or other biocides and insuring that these cleaners have been removed before air handling units are turned on.

In leased space, the Administration will deal with the lessor and/or GSA to    achieve these objectives.

G. Renovation and Construction The Administration will:

1. Isolate areas of renovation, painting, carpet laying, pesticide application, etc., from occupied areas that are not under construction;

2. Perform this work during evenings and weekends.  Ensure that  contaminated concentrations are sufficiently diluted prior to occupancy;

3. Supply adequate ventilation during and after completion of work to    assist in dilution of the contaminant level;

4. In leased space, the Administration will work with the lessor and/or    GSA in order to achieve and maintain these standards.