The TEAC will also provide recommendations requiring VDT maintenance  issues such as excess radiation, voltage and other maintenance issues.

The semiannual meetings will be for three days. By mutual consent, meetings can be extended. Management will pay for all meeting-related travel expenses as well as per diem and if used, expenses of an ergonomist.  Official time utilized for committee functions will be excluded from any bank or block.

2. Establishment of this committee is not a waiver of Union statutory    rights to information, consultation or negotiations pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 71.  The Union reserves the right to request negotiations on issues impacting conditions of employment.

C. Safe and Healthy Ergonomic Environment   

1.  Lighting

a. VDT's shall be placed perpendicular to and away from  windows and between rows of lights, to avoid excessive glare.  Where such an arrangement is not possible, windows shall be fitted with blinds or drapes;

b. Where the efforts in (a) above have not satisfactorily resolved the problem of excessive glare, employees who operate a VDT will, upon request, be furnished with an anti-glare screen;

c. An articulating task light which is adjustable in direction  and intensity will be provided for users upon request;

d. ANSI standards and recommendations for overhead lighting levels shall be followed.  Management will ensure that lighting levels do not exceed 200 to 500 lux.

2.  Keyboard and Screen

a. Keyboards should be placed on a level and stable surface for normal keying function.

b. Keyboards, in combination with their supporting surface, chair and other furniture shall permit users to adopt and maintain neutral wrist positions.

c. Screens shall be easily adjustable for brightness and contrast.

d. Screens shall be adjustable horizontally and vertically to fit the