1. Copies of all studies and all completed JSA's will be provided to the    Union within 30 days after completion of that JSA.

2. Each employee covered by a particular JSA will receive a copy within    30 days after completion of the JSA which covers his/her position.

3. When a new employee reports to duty or is reassigned to a new    position, he/she will receive a copy within 30 days after reporting to duty    in that new job.

Appendix A

Video Display Terminals -Ergonomics

A. Compliance

1. SSA will purchase, use and maintain video display terminals in a safe    manner.  When developing procurement specifications for video display    terminals and printers, ergonomic furniture and chairs, ergonomic accessories such as footrests, wrist rests, document holders, glare    screens, and other ergonomic equipment, the Administration will use NIOSH, OSHA and ANSI standards, to the degree that they do not conflict with each other.  Where such conflicts exist, the Administration will ordinarily use the ANSI standards.

2. SSA will make every reasonable effort to provide employees, as    appropriate, with ergonomic workstations.  (Ergonomics is the process of adapting products and processes to human characteristics and capabilities in order to improve people's well being and to optimize productivity.)  Where a workstation contains a VDT or other ADP keying equipment, at least one work surface per workstation will be adjustable and it will be designed to minimize unnecessary and/or otherwise awkward work postures and working movements.  Efforts will be made to enable the  employee to vary work posture and movement.

B. Technological Environment Advisory Committee (TEAC)

1. The Administration and the Union have agreed to form a Technological  Environment Advisory Committee.  The committee will be composed of 12 members.  Six will be appointed by the Union and six by the Administration.  It shall meet to develop proposals for guidelines for the timely purchase and use of ergonomic workstations and associated equipment according to  current ergonomic factors.  The TEAC will also discuss and provide recommendations regarding possible revisions to Form SSA-5510BK and/or  future purchases of video display terminals.