Employees who feel they are experiencing harmful levels of job related stress may contact employee counseling services.

Section 17--Smoke Free Environment

In keeping with the parties' concern for the health, safety and well-being of all SSA employees, there shall be 'no smoking' in any SSA facility.

The parties agree that they will intensify efforts to assist those employees who are interested in breaking the smoking habit.  We are committed to making cessation programs available to each and every employee who wishes to participate in them.  The cost of SSA-sponsored or approved programs will be paid by SSA, not by the employees.  SSA-sponsored programs will be offered on the clock unless not available during duty hours.  Programs approved by or sponsored by SSA will include or be similar to programs conducted by the American Lung Association or the American Heart Association.  The parties recognize that these programs will be more easily developed in the large installations, e.g., PSCs, Headquarters and DOCs.

Employees who wish to stop smoking but who are unable to successfully complete a smoking cessation program, or who have quit smoking but are experiencing related difficulties, may seek additional assistance through the Employee Counseling Service.

Employee participation in counseling or cessation programs related to smoking is strictly voluntary.
Section 18--Job Safety Analysis

A. In situations where information indicates that employees in a particular occupation are suffering from a pattern of accidents, disabling injuries and/or illnesses, management will conduct a Job Safety Analysis (JSA).

B. JSA may consist of but not be limited to the following:

    1. General conditions under which the job is performed.

    2. An explanation of the job steps.

    3. An explanation to determine the hazards that exist or might occur.

    4. Recommendations to eliminate any of the hazards identified.

C. Who shall receive a copy