ment or designee who will be physically present for employee direction during all scheduled work hours in each permanent installation.  The plan will also cover employee procedures in the event of fire, earthquake, bomb threat, tornado, flood, or similar emergency. Evacuation drills will be conducted semiannually.

B. The Employer agrees to make reasonable efforts to assure that each installation has adequate personnel available to administer cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

1. The Administration will provide CPR shields and masks for CPR volunteers.

2. Training for CPR certification and/or recertification will be at no    cost to the volunteer.

C. The Employer agrees that the first concern when an employee is injured on the job is to make certain that he/she gets prompt emergency medical aid.  Doubts over whether medical attention is necessary will be resolved in favor of arranging medical aid.

D. When it is necessary to assist an employee to return  home because of illness or incapacitation or to provide transportation to a medical facility, the Employer will arrange for transportation.  If a coworker is required to transport the employee, there will be no charge to leave for the coworker.

E. The Employer agrees to maintain adequate first aid supplies at each permanent installation.  All employees will have reasonable access to these supplies.

Section 15--Use of Insecticides and Other Like Chemicals

To the extent that the Employer has control, there will be no application of insecticides and other like chemicals during working hours in leased space.  In SSA-controlled buildings, there will be no application of insecticides and other chemicals during working hours.  Such other chemicals include paint, carpet glue, HVAC cleaning agents and similar construction chemicals.  Whenever pesticides are used in a large scale application, the health and safety representative, as well as employees, will receive advance notice about the spraying. Individuals with special health needs will be reasonably accommodated.

Section 16--Stress

The parties agree that recognizing, minimizing and coping with stress are essential parts of employee wellness.  Management will make every effort to provide annual training on stress reduction.  This will be a part of the SSA Wellness Program.